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Shake-Up Shakespeare

Shake-Up Shakespeare 2017 Winners

In 2017 we received hundreds of fantastic poems inspired by Shakespeare and his work. Shake-Up Shakespeare 2017 was open during both Shakespeare Week (March) and Shakespeare Day (April) so these celebrations could help to inspire young poets.

We’ve enjoyed reading all the poems and it was a difficult task to pick the winners, but we're delighted to announce the Shake-Up Shakespeare 2017 winners…

Congratulations to our pupil winner who has won a Shakespeare goodie bag...

Felicity Eldridge from Sutton
Published in: Shake-Up Shakespeare - Everlasting Ink


The Tempest is a play of secrets
Where storms are baseless fantasies,
A magician cast upon an island
Twelve years before our tale unfolds.
A hideous slave named Caliban
Was born upon this dismal land
His mother trapped an airy sprite
In an oppressive oak tree cell.
Although he rescued the spirit,
Were the magician's powers pale or dark?
His illusions for a worthy cause?
We shall never know.
For this is just one mystery,
Just one open answer,
Just one curtained window
In a Shakespeare play.
I love The Tempest:
The words, the plot, the characters;
I even love the questions,
The sensations they inspire.
When I read The Tempest
The words are like glimmering white pearls,
They are like interwoven coral,
So wonderfully flawless.
Although words will vanish like a dream
When I finish reading,
The imagery hangs like folds
On a gleaming dress.

© Felicity Elisabeth Emma Eldridge

Also a huge congratulations to our school winner...

The Frances Bardsley Academy For Girls, Essex