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Shake-Up Shakespeare

Shake-Up Shakespeare Winners 2016

In the summer of 2016 we received hundreds of fantastic poems inspired by Shakespeare and his work. Shake-Up Shakespeare 2016 was open during both Shakespeare Week (March) and Shakespeare Day (April) so these celebrations could help to inspire young poets.

We’ve enjoyed reading all the poems and it was a difficult task to pick the winners, but we're delighted to announce the Shake-Up Shakespeare 2016 winners…

Our pupil winner and the winner of a VIP visit for the winner and their family, sponsored by The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust is ...

Zoe Forbes from Roehampton
Published in - Shake-Up Shakespeare 2016 - Inspired by The Bard 
Poem Title- William Shakespeare

The two runner-ups who have won a Shakespeare themes notepad and quill are... 

Isabel Dawes from Walthamstow
Published in - Shake-Up Shakespeare 2016 - Inspired by The Bard 
Poem Title - A Midnight Stroll

Dylan Strozykowski from Swadlincote
Published in - Shake-Up Shakespeare 2016 - Inspired by The Bard 
Poem Title - Romeo and Juliet

And finally congratulations to our school winner who has won a complete paperback set of 'Tales From Shakespeare'...

The William Allitt School in Swadlincote

Winning poem by Zoe Forbes...


William Shakespeare

The paper's pure white face, empty as its soul
A feather of a swan dances across the page.
The helpless ink is tossed like a rag doll:
A word is written, fleeing from its cage.
A trail of midnight led by a misled hand.
A page painted with colour, yet only black and white,
We follow his skillful quill to a new land.
Light flames - for here is darkness in its cape of night.
A Gemini soul, one part in the world,
One part in the mind. Anne's at home
Hamnet's dead, King Lear's mad and getting old.
Juliet's love is burning, and the Globe is done and gone.
His wondrous mind death has silenced,
and yet his words are fresh and timeless.

Zoe Forbes
Ibstock Place School, London