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Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories Into The Shadow Winners

Congratulations to our Into The Shadows ghost story winner and runner-ups!

We've loved reading all of your hair-raising tales!


Vanessa Yakimova from Peterborough has been awarded 1st prize for her spook-tacular story 'Cromwell Road' - we hope you enjoy reading your selection of books!

Cromwell Road

Wicked, ferocious winds forced the fragile windows of the
ancient Victorian-style house - at the end of Cromwell Road
- to burst open vehemently at half past five... It was not
quite morning but nor was it night. It was that peculiar time
when all of them seemed to crave something. Something
not only the dead hunted after. Out of all of 'Them', he
wanted it the most!
She knew of all this of course. Standing facing the punishing
breeze from the south, she shivered with yearning and
cunning expectancy; her hair danced simultaneously with
the liberating elements, the angelic blanched locks
produced a pulchritudinous symphony to which they
pirouetted in perfect circles above her. Suppressing the
sudden fear, she felt the burning rush and itching desire as
he descended painfully slow in a hue of noir, translucent
clouds. The clock chimed to inform the start of the new
hour, or would it be her last? she wondered...
Fog enraptured, enfolded, engulfed her in a gentle, alluring,
oh-so-sickly-sweet embrace. The haze created an
ambiguous enchanting symphony beauteous to human ears.
Slowly, she was surrendering; closing her eyes so the melody
carried her off to utopia...
Shaking off the reverie, she suddenly grabbed the dagger,
masked under her crimson cape. Tired of his Machiavellian
games, she surrendered to the thick mist.
Suddenly, the omnipresent apparitions above descended
and took her away, deep down below, where no human
He looked from a distance and laughed with victory.

© Vanesa Yakimova (16)

Also a massive well done to our runner-ups Melissa Davies from Hornchurch and Lucy Paterson from Norwich who have won a pen set thanks to our friends at Staedtler!


Within The Walls

Kelsey and her father had moved into the new house around
three days ago in order to get away from the memories of
her dead mother. From the second she entered the house to
the second she left, a constant tapping sound repeated.
Then, following the constant buzz, Kelsey found herself faceto-
face with the cellar back wall.
The light flickered as though it was afraid. The floorboards
creaked as if they were groaning from the weight of the
young girl's feet.
Tap, tap. Her breath hitched, stuck in her throat as the lump
grew, blocking her scream from escaping.
A large gust of wind flew past her, slamming the cellar door
shut as the light blew out. Darkness swallowed her as her
knees quivered in fright. 'H-hello?' the girl said, closing her
eyes tight and dropping to her bare knees. The floor was
cold and uncomfortable but Kelsey didn't care.
Tap, tap. The sound came again, louder this time. 'What do
you want?' she screamed, letting her eyes dribble slightly.
Tap, tap. She yelled out in fright, throwing herself towards
the door. Although it was only the wind, something touched
her hand as she rattled the handle. The breath seemed to
be knocked out of her lungs as something pulled her
towards the noise, not letting her escape.
'Help!' she screamed, using the remaining air to try and fight
back. But it was no use. She belonged inside the wall now.

©  Melissa Davies (12)
The Albany School, Hornchurch



It's been a year since I was last here. Police tape hung limply
around the trees and the fresh highland air was damp and
suffocating. The mist cocooned around me and the river and
dew lay upon the yellowed grass. As the light swallowed up
the only brightness left, I fell to the floor. Everything
reminded me of her and the day two became one. The trees
hung lifelessly and the branches reached out to me, settling
on my slouched shoulders.
I wandered over to the jetty ruins as hot pools of destructive
lava erupted down my cheeks, burning happiness away like
acid, dispersing the small amount remaining. Jetty wood
had broken off into the water, submerged among the
tadpoles. My brain rippled back to the day my twin left me. I
remember our fight, 'Stop blaming me, honey!' I
remembered how she tossed her golden curls away from
me, the glares she aimed at me with her blue eyes burning
straight into my own emerald ones. She hopscotched
straight to the end of the jetty. It crumbled beneath her
feet. The world slowed down, the water was still...
I stared into the caliginous water and watched as another
river formed down my cheeks. A trout burst through the
water, sending ripples across my reflection. When the
picture returned, I teetered back; my eyes were blue.
She climbed out of the water, her translucent face covered
by a mask of envy. 'I will never forgive you!' and she

©  Lucy Emma Paterson (13)
Thorpe St Andrew School & Sixth Form, Norwich