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Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories Grave Beginnings Winners

Congratulations to our Grave Beginnings ghost story winner and runner-ups!

We've loved reading all of your hair-raising tales!


Joelle Esquejo from Newcastle Upon Tyne has been awarded 1st prize for her spook-tacular story 'Playground' - we hope you enjoy reading your selection of books!


According to the feeling in my gut, something is off. Wind
whirls all around us as we sit face-to-face in the playground
on the swings, yet his hair and clothes seem unaffected. The
faded blue T-shirt he's wearing seems baggy on his frail
body and his raven hair is sticking up in an odd but finical
way, whereas my clothes are being blown around wildly. It's
questionably odd, but since we first saw each other, neither
of us have spoken.
My impatience is getting the best of me. The question that's
been bugging me since we met somehow finds its way out
of my mouth. 'Who are you?' It's a simple question, although
as soon as I say it I can tell it sounds rude.
He doesn't respond, just blinks, surprised. I try something
'What's your name?'
His eyes are shining in a confusing way as he considers
something. Slowly he reaches out a foot and gently traces
three characters on the ground. 'K-A-I'. Kai. Short but
suitable. I nod, smiling.
Suddenly we both hear my mother coming, calling that I
need to leave.
Kai, clearly panicked, jumps off the swing and bolts.
Shouting out, I give chase, reaching out to grab his arm. The
moment I reach him I clench my fingers around his wrist...
and grasp nothing.
Startled, I stumble to the ground, quickly looking up to see
that he's disappeared. Tears threaten to fall from my eyes
as I stand again; we didn't truly meet...

© Joelle Esquejo
Marden High School, North Shields

Also a massive well done to our runner-ups Christopher Johnson from Sleaford and Amelie Major from Sevenoaks who have won a pen set thanks to our friends at Staedtler!


Footsteps In The Dark

Creak! Crack! 'Argh!' Crash!
'You okay?' Sam said as he came running.
'No... I cut my hand on some glass.'
'Okay, I'm coming down.'
As Sam leapt down into the dark his feet slammed against
the cold stone floor, a gut-wrenching scream echoed all
around them. They both fell back in horror. Sam picked up
his torch and went to have a look at what seemed like a
hallway. The screams stopped and the sound of bare feet
sprinting on the cold floor could be heard. Sam stopped. 'Oh
god!' Sam ran to the hole in the ceiling to get out, but it was
too late, by his first step away from the hallway something
grabbed his foot! 'Argh!' Sam screamed as the shadowy
entity proceeded to mutilate him. Jack retreated in horror
and fell back, hitting the ground hard enough to land on
and break his torch. It was pitch-black and all Jack (white
with fear) could hear was Sam's screams of agony as the
creature began to eat him alive. Then silence, apart from
the footsteps, they were slow and heavy, echoing in the
darkness. And just as Jack's eyes began to adjust, all he
could faintly see was the creature's horrific blood-covered

© Christopher Johnson (12)
St George's Academy, Sleaford



Right On Time

It was a bitterly cold night. The wind was whistling through
the trees. The two boys were trekking into the woods with
not a tent, no food and no light.
The remaining people had set up camp. It was a dare. A
rather stupid one. Spend a night in the woods alone with
nothing. The smarter of the two took it upon themselves to
set up camp in an old abandoned Volkswagen Beetle.
Suddenly, a chilling voice echoed through the trees...
'By ten I am coming for them
By eleven they will be in Heaven
By twelve I will have you as well.'
'Did you hear that?' one of the boys asked.
'Hear what? Anything you heard is just the wind!' The
other sighed as he looked at his wristwatch. 'Ten o'clock.
We'll head- '
Suddenly ear-piercing shrieks rang throughout the forest.
'What was that?' said one.
'I don't know!' said the other.
Once again, the same chilling voice echoed through the
trees. But this time both of them heard it...
'By ten I am coming for them
By eleven they will be in Heaven
By twelve I will have you as well.'
Between them, they decided to keep watch. They'd swap
every hour and it was drawing closer to midnight. Right on
cue, the voice spoke the words they dreaded to hear.
'By twelve, I will have you as well.'
Tick-tock. Tick-tock.
1 minute
Tick-tock. Tick-tock.
10 seconds
Tick-tock. Tick-tock.
The scream echoed through the woods...
Right on time.

Amelie Eleanor Major (13)
Tonbridge Grammar School, Deakin Leas