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Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories Bone Shaker Winners

Congratulations to our Bone Shakers ghost story winner and runner-ups!

We've loved reading all of your hair-raising tales!


Emma Alexander from London has been awarded 1st prize for her spook-tacular story ''The Peril Of Messina'' - we hope you enjoy reading your selection of books!

The Peril Of Messina

Between the two volcanoes, Mount Etna and
Mount Vesuvius, lies an area of sea fraught with
danger. There, two sailing ships were anchored in a
serene bay blanketed in thick, cool mist. As
evening drew in, one ship, The Dolphin, switched
on her anchor light. The other, The Albatross, did
not. With night closing in rapidly, complete
darkness descended, the sea fog reached the
moonlight. On the unlit Albatross the crew
stealthily crowded on deck.
The next morning The Dolphin's crew awoke with a
start and realised that one of them was missing.
Had the sailor fallen overboard or had he been
Across the bay, the eerie Albatross pulled up their
anchor surreptitiously. Suffocating silence
engulfed the despondent Dolphin. Suspecting that
The Albatross had taken their friend, The Dolphin
desperately, yet reluctantly, set sail in pursuit.
The Albatross audaciously headed straight for the
gigantic whirlpool, renowned to have swallowed
entire fleets. Recognising the danger, The Dolphin
quickly dropped its sails and came to an abrupt
halt. They watched with bated breath, as The
Albatross neared the centre of the vortex... Would
she break up or be swallowed whole?
The Albatross glided over the whirlpool as if there
was no jeopardy. Realising that no other ship could
do this, panic arose on The Dolphin. The Albatross
was the ghost of the whirlpool.
Suddenly, a ray of blinding light ripped through the
clouds onto deck, and in front of them, stood the
silhouette of the missing sailor...

© Emma Alexander (9)
Fox Primary School, Notting Hill

Also a massive well done to our runner-ups Libby Bridgeman from Bridgend and Cameron Bates from Bristol who have won a pen set thanks to our friends at Staedtler!


Friends For Life

Once, there was a boy called Leo who was
desperate to have friends and be in with the cool
kids. One day, they stood outside an old,
abandoned house and called Leo over. 'Leo, I dare
you to lie to your parents and stay overnight in this
house. No one has ever done it, if you do you join
our gang for life,' Charlie yelled out.
'Yeah, go on!' Jack cried as well. 'OK, I'll do it,' said
Leo, 'I'll tell my dad I am staying at yours, meet you
here at sundown?'
The boys were weak laughing as Leo ran
home. He'll not last the night, they all thought,
laughing till they cried. No one knew why the
house was haunted and abandoned, not even their
parents could remember; it had always been
that way.
The sun went down and the boys biked up to the
house, Leo was the only one with a sleeping bag
and backpack. 'Hey you guys, don't forget I am
staying at Jack's tonight so just say I am asleep if
my dad rings.'
The gang were pretty sure Leo wouldn't last
five minutes, and they wouldn't need to lie so all
said, 'Yeah, course.'
Leo went into the house, the boys waited for him
to come out screaming but he didn't. They waited
and waited, no sign or sound came, it was like he
had been absorbed into the shadows of the house.
The boys all ran home, promising not to tell
anyone that Leo had been dared to spend the
night there.
The next morning, the town was buzzing with the
news of the missing boy. This had never happened
before, all the children in his class were questioned
by the police, but the boys kept quiet. Missing
posters went up everywhere, and still they kept
Two days later, with no sign of Leo, they biked to
the old house, looking for clues. All they found was
a bloody handprint on the door...

© Libby Jane Bridgeman (10)


The Chiller

Steven accidentally broke his sister's freaky doll.
His mother told him to go to the doll repair shop.
But Steven had second thoughts because it was on
a street nobody ever went to. To stop him from
getting too bored there, he decided to take along
his friend Kacey with him. When the shop finished
fixing the freaky doll, Kacey and Steven agreed
that they would try and stay there overnight to see
how the man fixed them. And they would hide
under the fixer's desk.
When night finally fell upon them, they crept along
the rows of dolls that could not be repaired to sit
down on one of the chairs. They remembered what
their plan was: to find the worker's tools. But all of
his tools were at the back. Halfway down the long
corridor, they started hearing something crying.
They instantaneously turned around. A doll was
lying on the ground. They both thought the same
thing: what was there? Scared expressions
stretched across their faces, but strangely they
carried on.
After one step forwards, the doll on the floor
creaked as it twisted its head. It twisted in their
direction. A lullaby started playing. They did not
know why. Nothing could describe how terrified
they were. After a few turns, the doll was looking
fully in their direction. Suddenly it pounced.
The next day, the doll repair man found two
children's bodies curled up next to one of his dolls.

© Cameron Bates (9)
Bromley Heath Junior School, Downend