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Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories / A Lonesome Road Winners

A Lonesome Road is a spook-tacular collection of ghost stories. We're delighted to announce the winner as Hosea Nsona from Stoke-On-Trent! Hosea's story 'Alone' has won her a selection of new fiction book titles!

We also have two runner-ups Ania Jasko from Crawley and Imogen Agnew from Crawley who have each won a Staedtler pen and pencil set!

Winning Story by Hosea...


You’re dripping hot sweat. Your legs are aching. Your lungs are
burning. You wish I am there for reassuring words that would warm,
your now cold soul. A strong, muscular hug. But I’m not. I’m gone.
I’m dead.
You’re alone.
Something creaks. Your eyes widen, and your heartbeat quickens. You
must carry on, despite the fatigue. Go! You stumble onto your feet
like a newborn gazelle. You gasp at the pain. What is it? You look
down. Instinctively you cup the wound. Your eyes are heavy. You can’t
breathe. You reach out. I’m not there.
You’re alone.
A tear runs down your dirtied face. You stagger towards the door. You
reach for the handle. But a bloodstained hand reaches it before you.
You fall back. It’s gone. Hesitantly, you lift up your hand. It’s scarred
and bloodstained. Croaky, choked breathing creeps into hearing
range. A slight rhythmic breeze runs down your back, making you
shiver. You swallow down a sob. Your throat feels like sandpaper. You
slowly turn your head.
You were alone...
A grinning face greets you. Wide, white eyes pierce your soul.
Bloodstained teeth tells you what happened to me. You close your
eyes. You open them slowly. You’re swamped with blood. Your blood.
The pain is all gone. You stand up and see me in the distance. Your
saviour. Your rock. You run. You smile. You reach out.
You are not alone.

Hosea Makengo Nsona (15)