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Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories Winners / Danse Macabre / A Collection of Ghost Stories

Danse Macabre is a spook-tacular collection of ghost stories. We're delighted to announce the winner as Elizabeth Gill from Harrogate! Elizabeth's story 'Ghost Story' has won her a selection of new book titles!

We also have two runner-ups Anzil Hanif from Romford and Jessica Perry from Brierley Hill who have each won a Staedtler pen set!

Winning Story by Elizabeth...


Ghost Story

Heather blew out the candle on the bureau with a whisper and watched
the sleek smoke snake up from the wick. She had been working long
and hard and the enclosing darkness blanketed the papers in viscous
tar, morphing details into faces sinister and threatening. The smoke was
still spiralling, blowing to and fro and seemed to form a toothy grin under
sullied, hooded eyes.
Heather opened and closed her dry mouth, aghast and without speech
or sensation. The smoky spirit extended an ashy tendril and gripped her
by the throat. A silky chuckle hissed from the ghost as it pulled the silky
scarf tighter and tighter like a hangman's rope. No cries were heard, all
was silent aside from the menacing heckles of the spirit. The room was
misty now with smoulder, ashes curled along the bookshelves, twisting
the papers and licking the panes of the windowsill.
When Heather took a breath the clutch tightened and the oaky mist
enveloped her nostrils, preventing clear air from passing. Panic set in
with every desperate grope for air, her dilated pupils searched for water,
sand, something to extinguish the pain. The only trickle of relief from the
parched atmosphere was the salty drops falling from her face as she
reached to the light that would never be lit again. The candle's shadow
curled and swirled around the room, devouring every flicker of light it
found. All was dusky, dark and dry with the hellish haze. When breath
was stilled, the smoke settled. Light had left the room and darkness had
taken another victim.