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Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories Winners

Congratulations to our Shivers Down The Spine ghost story winner and runner-up!

We've loved reading all of your hair-raising tales!


Mehtoab Bashir from Illford has been awarded 1st prize for her spook-tacular story 'Can You See Me Now?' - we hope you enjoy reading your selection of books Mehtaob!

Can You See Me Now?

In a valley far away from all the cities, was a
village, a place of perfect peace. There stood a
cottage, nice and tall, surrounded by flawless trees
and lakes. The family of three stood in awe: it was
their five-year-old son's dream. It was such an
adventurous place for a little boy. With the sun
rolling high, the James family knew nothing could
go wrong. Well, that's what they thought...
As the moon waved goodbye to the sun and the
stars took their place in the sky, the James family
took their place in their beds. The night hung like a
curtain and a man in black helped himself to some
treasures and jewels and... a five-year-old boy. The
couple longed for their boy who never returned;
they could still hear him screaming in their dreams.
Years later, the young mother took a stroll near
the lake and she saw her son's refection. It seemed
so real to her so she reached to grab him... but he
grabbed her first. Now his son and wife were
missing, could the world get any crueller for the
The sun rose again and as it did the sunkenhearted
father saw his little boy playing on a
branch of a tree. Instantly, he ran to climb the tree.
Reaching for his son the branch proceeded to give
The James family rest in peace.
In a valley far away from the cities stood a
cottage, nice and tall, surrounded by trees and
lakes. There a family of five stood in awe. Nothing
could go wrong for the sun was rolling high. Well,
that's what they had thought...

© Mehtaab Bashir

Also a massive well done to our runner-up Benjamin Mansfield from Welwyn who's won a pen set thanks to our friends at Staedtler!


The Paper

The wind whistled and whirled over the
surrounding fields. Wanda was walking carelessly
down the track, watching as the leaves danced in
the breeze. She was on her weekly litter patrol.
Wanda liked to take care of the environment and
therefore spent Thursday evenings scouring the
local nature reserve for rubbish dropped by
careless tourists. Suddenly, she noticed a
newspaper lying on the grass. Jogging over to the
crumpled article, she noticed the name: The
Tomorrow Times. Strange name, she thought.
Sighing, she glanced at the headline: Gas Explosion
Kills Seven. 'Those poor people,' she moaned.
Folding up the newspaper, she set off home.
Wanda woke worried the next morning. Wondering
why she was so distressed, she got up and turned
on the radio. She plodded about, getting dressed.
She glanced at her calendar. 3rd of June. Strange
that that struck a bell in her memory, as if she'd
read it somewhere. The news theme tune blared
on the radio.
The newsreader read out the headlines for the
day, 'Earlier this morning Rovers' manager was
sacked. We have also been hearing reports of a
planned wage protest.
Meanwhile, our main story is of a gas explosion
that killed seven people. For more details we turn
to our regular correspondent, Bob. Bob, what's
happened out there...?'
Already the newsreader's statement was trailing
away from Wanda's ears. Slowly, she turned
towards the newspaper she had thrown in her bin.
Slowly, she read the date above the headline. 3rd
of June. Oh no!

© Benjamin Mansfield (11)