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Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories / Grave Tales Winners

Grave Tales is a spook-tacular collection of ghost stories. We're delighted to announce the winner as Zoë Ravalier from Romford! Zoë's story 'Not Another Night' has won her The Raven Mysteries series by Marcus Sedgewick!

We also have two runner-ups Mahdiyyah Bham from Batley and Sakina Rahman from London who have each won a Staedtler pencil set!

Winning Story by Zoë...



Not Another Night

Fearful, panicky and startled, the boy opened his eyes and heard the
deafening sound of cries. He looked around but could not see anything.
All was black. Pitch-black. He pinched himself and pinched himself
again. He could see again. The boy staggered to his feet and began to
pace up and down. A troop of thoughts came surging in and out of his
head. Where was he? Why was he here? Most of all how did he get
here? His palms began to sweat as the cries were heard once more. He
opened his mouth to speak but nothing came out. A shiver ran down his
spine threatening him to cry. He sank to the ground once more curling
into a ball and praying that nothing happens. His tears were as salty as
All of a sudden, the ground beneath him opened sending the poor boy
down. Deep down. Very deep down. Thump! He had landed on a solid
floor face-down. The boy cried out in pain as blood began to trickle all
the way from his forehead down to his feet. A pool of blood surrounded
him like a guard surrounding a prisoner. His mind was spinning so fast,
almost like a roller coaster. He began to feel light-headed and his eyes
started drifting.
Slowly, slowly he fell asleep sinking into the squealing floorboards.
Suddenly, he was touching something soft. Fluffy and so comforting. His
own bed. He rubbed his eyes and saw something on the wall: 'Don't

Zoë Ravalier (11)