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Easter Eggstravaganza

Easter Eggstravaganza 2017 Winner

Easter is one of the most egg-citing times of the year! The weather is getting warmer, the school holidays are here and of course, we get to feast on chocolate! We ask you what your favourite things are about Easter and how you celebrate through poetry. Thank you to everyone who took part, we loved reading every single poem! 

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Grace English from Stalybridge

Poem Title: Easter
Published in: Easter Eggstravaganza



Hooray! Hooray!
It's the school holiday,
No more school work for two whole weeks,
Instead we get some extra-long sleeps.
'Two whole weeks, why is that?'
I hear the parents moan as they chat,
Why do you think? Easter is here!
It's my favourite time of the year.
'I like my birthday better,' said Ben,
'What's so good about Easter then?'
'There's all sorts of things!' I say with a smile,
'One of the best is being off school for a while!'
But there's also the brand new lambs with wobbly legs,
Easter egg hunts with delicious chocolate eggs,
The beautiful spring flowers emerge from the ground,
There's tulips, daffodils and many more to be found.
The weather begins to turn sunny and warm,
And it's time for new baby animals to be born,
'That's just a few things off the top of my head!'
'Okay, you got me there!' Ben said.
'But it's so boring in our house!' Ben continued to say,
'What is it you do on Easter Sunday?'
'Well, we do so much! Let me elaborate,
I think Easter Sunday is just so great!'
We wake up so early and give Dad a shout,
He'll have set up an egg hunt without a doubt,
He comes in my room and says, 'Let's go!
There are eggs hidden everywhere, you know!'
I jump up quickly, there's no time to lose,
To find the eggs, you have to work out the clues,
The riddles are not easy, I can tell you that,
But I find enough chocolate to make me fat!
'Chocolate's allowed for breakfast!'
You'll hear the children cheer,
Of course this only happens once a year,
After that it's off to church with my family,
Because Easter is all about Jesus, you see!
We remember that Jesus came to Earth as a man,
And this was all part of God's great plan,
To give us a relationship with Him,
And free us all of our wrong and sin.
See Easter really is a happy day,
When he washed all of our sin away,
And from the dead He rose again,
To show us He is King of Men!
'And then we go home to play games
And relax on the settee.'
'Well, it does sound good,' says Ben as he listens to me,
'And that's not all,' I say with a grin,
'Dinner is a leg of lamb and a scrumptious pudding!'
So that's my Easter, can you see why it's the best?
It puts all the other festivals to the test!
And what's more is that is just one day...
There's still the rest of the school holiday!

© Grace English