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Authors of the Future

Authors of the Future Winners

Thank you to everyone who took part in our writing competition Authors of the Future. We had an amazing response and only picking one winner and two runner-ups was a very hard task!

The winner of a Bamboo Spark and Kindle Fire HD is...

Samantha Balazs from Rotherham
Featured in - Authors of the Future
Story Title - Song of the Cello

Song of the Cello 

Nadine loved playing the cello. She loved the deep, dark notes; the
notes that glided along the bones, thrumming like a human voice.
She loved the way the music filled her from head to toe.
But the cello was the outlawed instrument. Who knew what its
magic could do?
She had always been drawn to it - she knew and she couldn't help
it. She had an affinity for the instrument - an unknown force
tugged her towards it. Everyone had the affinity, the shard of their
spirit that danced to a certain instrument's music, allowing them
to connect to the world with it. She couldn't let them know. Not
her mother - not anyone. She had to keep it hidden.
She would be killed. So she grew up pretending she felt nothing at
all - no bite of power, no echo to any of the notes played at her.
Her mother was getting desperate, trying to force the flute or the
guitar on her. But nothing took.
Nadine's secret love of the cello blossomed like a lily in the night.
She met the strange boy, the illegal busker, almost every night. He
had two cellos. She had no idea how he had found them, when
every cello had supposedly been burned. She played with him from
dusk until dawn, and fled back home when the police sirens struck
up their own chorus.
The boy never asked her name, and she did not know his.
In a city crafted from music, they rebelled.

Samantha Balazs (17)

The runner-ups winning a Staedtler pen set each are...

Shelley Smith from Didcot
Featured in - Authors of the Future
Story Title - Lost

Miranda Thomas from East Molesey
Featured in - Authors of the Future
Story Title - Dancing with Shadows