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Blog Young Writers and the Environment

Young Writers and the Environment

By Lynsey | Environment

Young Writers and the Environment

We launched The Big Green Poetry Machine in January 2023 to help teachers support the focus on climate change in education.

Our interest in helping the environment doesn’t stop at encouraging kids to become eco poets and win an eco-friendly prize! Here is how Young Writers helps the environment already, plus how we’d like to improve to ensure we are doing all we can to be green:

🌍 Sending Entries

We introduced a paperless option a few years ago, which was simply emailing entries rather than posting. We added Word Doc entry forms & the Online Writing Portal in 2020 to offer as many paperless options as possible.

🌍 Reducing Printing

In January 2023 we rolled out a name-checking system for teachers; we invite as many teachers as we can to check their pupils’ names before we print certificates. This reduces paper waste & makes for a better experience for pupils!

We also have a print wastage system in our Production department. Sometimes a book is printed incorrectly, but we always investigate what went wrong & fix the source to reduce future wastage

🌍 Sustainability & Recycling

We use FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) approved paper suppliers. The FSC manage the sustainability of virgin paper production worldwide as currently the demand for paper is higher than the ability to recycle it. FSC take care of forests, employees and the wildlife who call them home. FSC paper is produced from responsibly sourced wood, this means that all of the paper we use has either been recycled or sourced from well-managed accredited forests.

Our Production team print our books on Kodak Nexpresses & i300 Canon presses.

Both presses are made by international companies who work in an environmentally-friendly manner. This includes reducing emissions & waste as well having a recycling program for toner/ink bottles and producing annual sustainability reports.

We opt to buy recycled packaging where possible & packaging that can be re-used or recycled too by the customer. We use recycled paper to pack any gaps in boxes and our shrink wrap can be recycled too.

We recycle all our cardboard and paper that is used on site... that is a HUGE amount over a year! In 2022 we recycled 11 tonnes of card and paper.

🌍 Flexible Working

Our team can work from home and do where possible. This decreases car emissions to work & reduces printing as work is accessed electronically.

🌍 Reduce Energy Use

Remus House is an old building and has had some upgrades to help it become more energy efficient, this includes double glazed windows, LED sensor lights & reduced night shifts.

🌍 Cycle to Work Scheme

We do offer all the team this option, it is not only a green transport option, it’s a healthy one too! We had have uptake on this too!

🌍 Ideas & Suggestions

We take on feedback for ideas on how we can improve our sustainability. We also like to share ideas & knowledge that helps the environment, such as these blogs:

📚 Sustainable Reading

🌳 Trees Breathe Life Into This Planet

People in Print: Meet Martyn Eustace

There is always more that can be done to become greener. Some of the options are out of our reach at the moment, where others we can achieve much quicker! Young Writers is actively working towards building a greener, more sustainable brand. Here are some of our current ideas we are aiming for:

💚 Create a Green Committee to manage & implement change
💚 Get FSC chain of accreditation
💚 Recyclable tape on boxes/parcels we send
💚 Use a courier service that uses electric or hybrid vehicle
💚 Install an electric car charge port in the work car park
💚 Install eco hand dryers
💚 Investigate green web hosting services
💚 Research carbon neutral companies & plan how we become one 

Published: Tue 14th Feb 2023

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