Blog 5 Writing Tips To Help Overcome Anxiety

5 Writing Tips To Help Overcome Anxiety

By Morgan Walton | Top Tips, Writing Tips, Teachers, Parents, Kids

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Life can be tough on us all especially children, so we’ve put together 5 writing tips that help children and young adults make sense of their emotions...

1. Keep a diary – jot down thoughts, feelings and notes on the day, every day. Could be on paper or a device, but getting the emotions and worries written out really helps!

2. Have goals – write down 2 or 3 goals for the month, they can be simple or more challenging but give yourself something to achieve and track progress through diary entries

3. Write a book review – whether it’s a favourite book or a new one, write a review and share it with friends and family, even online! Reading is a great way to escape reality and improves vocabulary and creativity too!

4. Write a colour poem – the emotion that is being felt, give it a colour. For example, anger might be red or sadness might be blue. Use the colours to explain the emotion, e.g.

Fire burns up face, red with anger,
Clenched teeth, clenched fist,
I want to scream and run.... etc

5. Write a poem or story from another person’s point of view – this could be a keyworker, the virus, the Prime Minister – use empathy to get a new perspective!

Published: Thursday 11th March 2021 at 11:06am