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Blog Writing resolutions for the New Year

Writing resolutions for the New Year

By Luke Chapman | Activities, Christmas, Family, Holiday activities, Kids, Parents, Writing Tips

Writing resolutions for the New Year

2022, scary, but it's coming! Start the year with writing resolutions that anyone can take their hand to

New Year's resolutions, love them or hate them, they can be quite fun! Setting yourself some writing goals for the New Year can be a great way to kickstart a habit and develop some skills to tackle 2022 with. Why not try these for size?:

  • Write X amount of days per week - This number can range depending on skill and age but setting a target to write a certain amount of days as opposed to word count means writing is more natural and thoughtful.
  • Write out of your comfort zone - Is your favourite genre sci-fi? Write a page of romance, maybe try to make a comic strip or take your hand to something you're not used to.
  • Illustration - Drawing a story can help to visualise a storyline, can you draw something you've written?
  • Reading goals - There’s nothing better than a good book, and it certainly helps writing skills. Set a monthly reading goal, or one for the year and do your best to stick to it!
  • Poetry - Not everyone is poetry's best friend, but we all should be! We absolutely love poetry here and we want to share our love. Writing poetry helps put shorter thoughts or ideas into an artistic format and gives a great sense of completion!
  • Read out of your comfort zone - Similarly to writing out of your comfort zone, branch out your reading. If you normally read modern fiction, read something historical. Romance fan? Get stuck into non-fiction for a week, you never know what you may fall in love with.
  • Write a review - Reviews are a great way to share what you love (or what you don't) and analyse something a little more. Why did you like something so much? What wasn't so great? Noticing these things can help to develop your own writing and take note of what's working and what isn't.

We hope 2022 brings some new beginnings and exciting things for you all! If you're looking for some more writing guidance, check out The Complete Writer's Toolkits in our online shop.

Have a fantastic New Year, and happy writing!

Published: Tue 28th Dec 2021

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