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Blog Guest Writing Challenge - An Adventure with your Favourite Video Game Character

Guest Writing Challenge - An Adventure with your Favourite Video Game Character

By Janelle McCurdy | Guest Blog, Holiday activities, Author, Writing Tips

Guest Writing Challenge - An Adventure with your Favourite Video Game Character

Try out our guest author writing challenge from Janelle McCurdy!

An interesting starting point for a piece of creative writing; why not try out author Janelle McCurdy's challenge? Can you imagine yourself in a story with your favourite video game characters?

Be as imaginative as you like!

Go on adventures to space, across boiling hot lava, finding a forbidden kingdom in the bottom of the ocean, anything!

Tips on writing adventures and questions to ask yourself when writing:

👉 Remember, you can be and do anything in your stories: It's your imagination, so write what you think would be a cool and fun adventure for you and your favourite video game character.

👉 You: Think about yourself as a character...

What superpowers would you have❓

Do you wear a mask and a cape❓

Do you just wear your regular clothes❓

👉 Video game character: Think about what your favourite video game characters would do on your adventure...

What is their personality like❓

Are they strong, helpful, quiet, loud❓

Do the both of you work well as a team❓

👉 Setting: Think about where you would like your story to be set...

Would your story be based in a completely different world❓

Is it based in the same world as your favourite character❓

👉 Goal: What's the goal of your adventure?

Are you both on the hunt for something, like secret treasure❓

Are you just exploring forbidden lands❓

Are you even saving someone or something❓

It's up to you, but it's usually good to have an idea in your head.

Most importantly, have fun!


About Janelle

Janelle is an author and fully-fledged gamer. Having started writing and querying at only sixteen years-old, she joined JULA in her early twenties.

After graduating from Royal Holloway University with a Criminology and Sociology degree, Janelle moved back home to London, and began writing middle grade fantasy.

In her free time, you can find her holed up in her room, gaming and watching anime (some of her favourites being Inuyasha, Dragon Ball Z and Death Note), or attending numerous comic cons and gaming events.

Her FAB Prize winning story was acquired by Faber in a major auction.

Mia and the Lightcasters

Beware of the shadows, the Reaper King is coming . . .

Mia always dreamed of being an umbra tamer until she met the wild creature on the Nightmare Plains. Since that day, she prefers to stay safe within the walls of Nubis. Safe, that is, until a surprise attack. With her parents captured, Mia’s only hope is to travel to the City of Light to find help. But with only her little brother, two friends and one solitary tamed umbra, the journey feels impossible. Mia not only has to overcome her fears, she also has to learn to harness her umbra taming abilities if they are to complete the quest in time. For fans of Amari and the Night Brothers, The Legend of Podkin One-Ear and Nevermoor.

This is the first in the sensational Umbra Tales series by Janelle McCurdy, illustrated by Ana Latese.

Mia and the Lightcasters, by Janelle McCurdy, is out now in paperback (£7.99, Faber & Faber, ISBN 9780571368433)

Published: Fri 5th Aug 2022

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