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Blog Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

By Izzy | Book Reviews

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

Book review by Izzy. Codsall Community High School

Are you looking for a compelling, entertaining read? Well, the book ‘Twilight’ might be the perfect story for you. With its supernatural genre and romantic moments, you will find yourself engrossed in its pages. And if you’re thinking, I want a series that is like this, but I can’t find one? Well, look no further! The author Stephenie Meyer seemed to agree as this is a book series - there are 4 books, to be precise.

 Along with this, there are many, many unexpected twists throughout the book; the kind of ones that you would never guess! I have read the book, so I would know. You see, its compelling and vivid language always had me turning to the next page - though it was a little slow to get started. And if you’re a teen, I think this would suit your age group perfectly - especially if you love a long mysterious novel.

To anyone who is interested, I would rate this book a 9/10, and the following books the same. All this sound good? Then get reading!

Published: Wed 29th Sep 2021

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