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Blog Trick Or Treat? Halloween Poetry Competition Winners Announced

Trick Or Treat? Halloween Poetry Competition Winners Announced

By Lynsey | Winners

Trick Or Treat? Halloween Poetry Competition Winners Announced

Thank you to everyone who entered, we’ve loved reading your poems and here are the winners...

Congratulations to Subha Jarin (10) who has been chosen as the best poet in “Trick Or Treat? Halloween Poetry Collection” and wins a creative writing goody bag.

There are two amazing runners-up too who each win a £10 National Book Token: congratulations to Mariam Zaheer (13), Essex and Sam Raeburn (14), West Midlands.

Thank you to everyone who entered, we’ve loved reading your poem, and here are the winning words...

Those Things Upon The Quiet
(1st place winner)

Sometimes when you can't wake up from that black nightmare,
Just maybe you're not asleep,
But I'll still appear from deepest deep.

Sometimes you may see those distinct eyes in the mirror,
You know that they aren't yours,
Sometimes you hear those deathly voices
And those existent heavy roars.

Silence is the loudest scream,
Hush, for a sound, was not heard,
And if not (so, unfortunately),
Remember, in your lonely dwelling it occurred.

When you feel that eerie breeze,
On that hot summer's day,
Maybe it might mean,
That blood is on the way.

If you see that crimson 'paint',
Upon that door coloured brown of mud,
Thoughts may be daunted,
Remain quiet, I am out for your blood.

Sometimes the floor senses your worries,
Sometimes the wall starts to stare,
Just remember, I'll be watching everywhere...

Subha Jarin (10)


The Monster Bash!

It's the night of Halloween,
Nobody dares to disturb the town of Serene,
Nor the hounds or the clowns,
Not even the deadly Wolverine.

The people of this isolated town,
Make their way out,
Down to the street,
Of the creepy mansion house.

They tap on the dusty door,
With their long fingernails,
And the children stand behind
Wiggling their costume tails.

The door creaks open ever so slightly,
Who knew what the creatures inside might be?
Hand in hand they walked their way in,
Were their chances of living ever this slim?

The floorboards squeaked
And everybody saw,
That what had seemed to be scary,
Was actually really quite merry!

A banquet of food was laid at their feet,
This was just the beginning, which started with a feast!
All were happy and were having lots of fun,
But as I told you, the Monster Bash has only just begun!

Tales of gold and silverware,
Everybody eager to grab a chair,
A rainbow of lights dancing in the air,
Like shooting stars flying everywhere.

They skipped in the entree,
It was juicy chicken fillet,
It was given a delicious side,
Of mouth-watering pumpkin souffle.

The drinks were fountains of beautiful colours.
You can't expect the day to have gotten duller.
The desserts were amazing but even better tasting,
Sticky, gooey fudge cake with a scary witch's milkshake.

They all danced and pranced,
Until the very last moment,
It was twelve o'clock,
On the 31st of October.

Their day came to an end,
So everyone returned home,
But you forgot about me!
My very dear friends!

I shall return home next year,
With fun in stock,
I will make everyone come here,
For the Halloween rock!

Mariam Zaheer (13)


Gothic Acrostic

G  hosts and vampire, a monster and ghoul
O  minous mansions under satanic rule
wisted snakes and withering trees
H  ave the poor visitors cower on their knees
 nside the forest an incessant mist
C  rown of a ruler the Devil had kissed.

Sam Raeburn (14)
West Midlands

Published: Fri 4th Mar 2022

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