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Blog Top Tips for Teacher Wellbeing

Top Tips for Teacher Wellbeing

By Morgan Walton | Top Tips, Teachers

Top Tips for Teacher Wellbeing

Feeling lonely or stressed? Use these top tips to make sure your feeling tip top!

We’ve seen comments across social media that schools are a lonely place at the moment for teachers... we hope these ideas might help banish loneliness for a while:

Set weekly or monthly challenges with colleagues you can do outside of work – such as biking or walking as far as you can using an app such as Strava to track progress, you could even have a prize for the winner!

Why not plan lessons with another teacher? Share ideas, share the workload, and get some adult conversation whether that’s virtually or socially distanced in school.

Virtual quizzing! Why not all come together virtually and have some fun? You can use this ready-made PowerPoint Quiz which is perfect for a virtual quiz. 

Send a colleague a note or email to let them know you think they’re great – a meme, a message, or even a virtual high five is lovely to receive and remind us we’re not alone.

Book club! Socially distanced or virtually, it’s a fun way to share your interests with your colleagues!

Published: Wed 10th Mar 2021

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