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Blog Stories Of Imagination - Winner Announced!

Stories Of Imagination - Winner Announced!

By Callum Elsom | Winners, Competitions

Stories Of Imagination - Winner Announced!

Thank you to everyone who entered, we have loved reading your work! Here is the winner...

Congratulations to Ava Gardiner (10) who has been chosen as the best author in “Stories Of Imagination” and has won an amazing collection of books!

Thank you to everyone who entered, we’ve loved reading your stories, and here is Ava’s winning story...

"First Day Of Flying"

Waiting for his mother to feed him, the small eaglet stared at the beautiful surroundings: tall, pointy pine trees and a whimsical, glistening, baby blue river, like a snake weaving its way through the forest and mountain range.
Hungry, the golden eaglet smelt the lovely smell of worms coming from another eagle flying overhead. Trying to follow the scent, the distracted little eaglet walked right to the edge of his eyrie! "Help me!" screeched the tiny, helpless eaglet. However, he locked eyes with his mother but she didn't come...
Plummeting hundreds and millions of miles in a second. Squawk!
"Son, it is time for you to fly! I believe in you!" his mother bravely bellowed.
Staring down at his doom, he felt like the stony daggers were going to shoot up and kill him. Stunningly, the small, mother-needing eaglet took a deep breath and elegantly opened his feathery, handsome wings and for the first time glided through the soft, windy sky!
Heading down to the river - where his mother was - he turned and dipped one of his wings into the cold, diamond-like water making a mini wave. (Even a terrible photographer would have taken a wonderful picture of the eaglet and water.) As he opened his miniature beak and a little drop of water jumped into his mouth, it was cooling despite it being salty. Finally, he had mastered flying. However, "Mother, how do I land?" the eaglet asked. One journey completed, another to begin. 

© Ava Gardiner, 2022

Published: Fri 18th Nov 2022

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