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Blog The Shine School Media Awards 2021 Winners' Lunch

The Shine School Media Awards 2021 Winners' Lunch

By Lilly Evans | Event, Family, Guest Blog, Kids, Parents, Teachers

The Shine School Media Awards 2021 Winners' Lunch

Find out more about these fantastic awards and how they celebrate with the winners...

At 12 o'clock we entered The Guild Hall in central London. The hall was stunning at first sight, with a grand staircase leading up to the old library, where The Shine School Media Awards were taking place. 

We ascended the staircase where we were greeted, and we sat down at our table surrounded by carved stone statues and beautiful stained glass windows. Our table included the winners of the Rising Star Award - The King's College, Worcester plus Annie Hotton, a member of the awards committee who is one of a few female Liverymen of The Stationers' Company! We talked to everyone at our table and they were very kind and welcoming.

The awards started with a speech from the chairperson, Alison Strachan, highlighting what the awards were about, and then a speech from a previous student winner, which I enjoyed listening to.

Once everyone was settled, we were invited up to collect our meal (which was delicious!) Once everyone had eaten we proceeded to the winners' ceremony. Many students collected awards for different skills, such as writing, photography and drawing. The theme for the 2021 awards was Coronavirus - how could it not be mentioned! So many produced work related to the main topic. Students were called up to collect their awards, it was a great atmosphere, everyone was celebrating.

There was a new, special award, "The Terry Mansfield CBE Award for Tomorrow's Talent" to honor the late Terry Mansfield (Shine's most passionate supporter). It was won by Alex Mortimer from Ibstock Place School.

Upon exit we were given a tote bag for the award, relating to the 2022 award theme of climate change. Overall it was a unique experience, which I am grateful to have been part of.

I think The Shine School Media Awards show that you don't just need writing skills to work in journalism; photography, editing, organisation, illustration, and creative writing are all part of it too, you just need to be passionate. I think it would be great if more secondary schools entered as it can unlock many experiences for students.

Published: Mon 27th Sep 2021

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