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Blog Saving Mona Lisa – Our first adult book review!

Saving Mona Lisa – Our first adult book review!

By Luke Chapman | Book Reviews, Parents, Teachers

Saving Mona Lisa – Our first adult book review!

This non-fiction thriller sets to educate and grip audiences with its historical account of World War 2

Saving Mona Lisa documents the process of hiding, preserving and protecting famous artworks from the Louvre throughout France’s various wars, predominantly focusing on World War 2. This detailed book takes readers through every step of the Louvre’s history, eventually landing us in 1939 during the outbreak of war.

Also dipping into a short lesson in French history of revolution and war, readers are given enough contextual information to understand the tumultuous landscape of France and its previous escapades with conflict.

From the offset the book reads as a thriller, telling a gripping story which yet feels untold, will France go to war? Which artworks will be saved? And will these beautiful pieces of history fall into the wrong hands? All questions most of us of course know the answer to, but the in-depth information provided by author Gerri Chanel, alongside the book’s fast-paced narrative gives readers a moreish sense to find out what happens next.

Featuring pictures to coincide with the story, any reader can easily get caught up in the story being portrayed by Chanel. This book is an important piece of history, detailing some of the finer nuances which preserved such important parts of the French national pride during war. I recommend this for anyone who wants to find out more about art, history, and how the war played out on a more intricate level.

Grab a copy of the book and give it a read! You can find the book on Amazon via this link.

Published: Mon 9th Aug 2021

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