Blog Author Ross Welford takes on the Magic Wheel

Author Ross Welford takes on the Magic Wheel

By Luke Chapman | Author, Family, Interview, Kids

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Spin the wheel and let's see where we land...

Ross Welford has worked in TV, Journalism and is now on his seventh children's book! Beloved across all sectors, we chat with Ross about his current career, old careers and what he's learned on his journeys.

In our latest instalment of Young Writers Interviews, we throw in something a little special, a magic spinning wheel! Full of fun games, questions, and even some magic tricks, this interview has it all.

Ross' brand new book 'Into the Sideways World' came out on January 20th and follows the story of two young adventures who discover a perfect world. A problem arises when no one believes them about this utopia without climate change, pollution and wars. Their goal is to show the world what we can achieve when we all come together and work towards a greater good, but once you find a perfect world, can you ever leave it behind?

Find out more about his latest and watch the full interview below. Grab yourself a signed copy of Ross' 'Into the Sideways World' here and find out more about Ross on his website here.

Published: Thursday 20th January 2022 at 12:55pm