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Blog The Inspiration to write a Book - How Young Writers inspired me

The Inspiration to write a Book - How Young Writers inspired me

By Priya Rohella | Author, Interview, Guest Blog, Alumni

The Inspiration to write a Book - How Young Writers inspired me

Author and Poet Priya Rohella shares her writing journey and how Young Writers inspired her to become a writer!

I’ve always been told that writing a book is a difficult task to endure. ‘It’s hard to think of a plot’, some writers said, ‘even harder to make believable characters’ says the ex-scriptwriter. But most of all… ‘it is hard to find your inspiration’- writers, poets, and artists alike agreed on this statement wholeheartedly. 

I must say the situation differed for me. My inspiration, and more importantly, my confidence in writing, was constructed within me from a young age. I remember when a writing competition was announced in school and all students were encouraged to take part. The competition itself was to write ‘a twist in the tale’ mini saga of no more than a hundred words. A few winners would be chosen from each participating school and would be featured in the Young Writers anthology: ‘A Twist in the Tale’. 

I didn’t expect my mini saga to be chosen, but I do recall how fulfilled I felt inside when the teacher called my name to the front of the class and even sent a postcard home. Unknowingly the staff at Young Writers had invoked within me a growing passion for writing. A few years after getting my little red riding hood spin-off saga published, I started the creation of my own young adult novella. Containing both elements of fantasy and adventure, I was determined to maintain the writing spirit that the Young Writers aided me in finding. 

My Novella, ‘Pricilla Phantom and the Monochrome book’ tells the tale of a fragile-hearted student who is struggling to find her purpose in life. Things only start to take a strange turn when the girl stumbles upon an odd book that bears no title nor an author. Pricilla Phantom, a girl who is more special than she believes she is, unlocks all the fantastical magic stored away in the depths of the Monochrome book and realises she is the only soul who can free the inhabitants living in the enchanted world of Phantom Grail. How can she save her newfound friends you ask…? By conquering a demon overlord of course! No one knows what challenges Pricilla will face next, but one thing is for sure: you can never judge a book by its cover… 

A little bit of inspiration, and moreover, the chance to be given an opportunity allowed me to write a book. I have plenty more novels, short stories and poems on their way and to think this fire could be ignited with the creation of one tiny poem. It just goes to show anything can happen if you try. Unlock the magic hidden inside and read, write and… dream. 

We even went back into the archives and found Priya's original entry! Read her mini saga from 2013:


Little Red Riding Hood was skipping through the forest, in her hand was a basket of porridge, she came across a little cottage, inside were three big bears. As quick as a flash she dashed back out and ran to Grandma. Grandma was happy sitting in bed, with a wolf standing on its head. Red Riding Hood was confused, she walked off into the forest a little amused....

Published: Tue 28th Sep 2021

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