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Blog Its Pride Month! Check out our amazing recommended reads to celebrate the occasion

Its Pride Month! Check out our amazing recommended reads to celebrate the occasion

By Luke Chapman | Family, Kids, Recommended Reads

Its Pride Month! Check out our amazing recommended reads to celebrate the occasion

Bookshelves should be a safe space and beacon of acceptance for everyone!

We absolutely love these books, they showcase diversity in its finest and include those who may not often see themselves represented in the literary world. Have a read, and take notes on how you can diversify your library. 

Grandads Camper - Harry Woodgate (3-5 years)

Grandad's Camper is a moving children's book suitable for any bookshelf. Grandad used to go on adventures when he was younger with Gramps, now Gramps isn't around anymore he takes his granddaughter on an adventure in his campervan. Find out more about the book here.

My Dad Thinks I'm a Boy - Sophie Labelle (6 - 9 years)

Stephie is 7 years old. She likes bugs, books and spaghetti. Also, she's a girl... which should be pretty easy to understand, right? Well, not for her Dad! He's been mistaking her for a boy since she was born and struggles to see her for who she is. This powerful and uplifting book for children aged 6 - 9 and their families humorously portrays a situation that is often too common, where a trans child is forced to negotiate between their true self and their parents' love. Find out more about the book here.

The Pants Project - Cat Clarke (9 - 12 years)

Liv knows he was always meant to be a boy, but with his new school's terrible dress code, he can't even wear pants. Only skirts. Operation: Pants Project begins! The only way for Liv to get what he wants is to go after it himself. But to Liv, this isn't just a mission to change the policy--it's a mission to change his life. And that's a pretty big deal. Find the book here.

If I Was Your Girl - Meredith Russo (14+ years)

Amanda Hardy is the new girl at school. Like everyone, all she wants is to make friends and fit in. But Amanda is holding back. Even from Grant, the guy she's falling in love with. Amanda has a secret. At her old school, she used to be called Andrew. And secrets always have a way of getting out. A book about loving yourself and being loved for who you really are. Get it here

My Daddies - Gareth Peter and Garry Parsons (2 - 5 years)

A funny, heartfelt picture book celebrating same-sex parents and shared storytime, perfect for introducing children to the different kinds of family in the world today. Set off on a series of incredible adventures with an adorable family as the stories they read burst into colourful life. Get the book here.

You can also watch our exciting interview with both Gareth and Garry about this book below!

Published: Wed 2nd Jun 2021

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