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Blog Boost your Big Poetry Party entry with these writing tips

Boost your Big Poetry Party entry with these writing tips

By Luke Chapman | Activities, Kids, Top Tips, Writing Tips, Poetry

Boost your Big Poetry Party entry with these writing tips

We’ve got some handy tips to help you write the best entry for the Big Poetry Party

Looking for some help with your Big Poetry Party entry, or want to take it to the next level? Look no further as these writing tips are sure to help out.

🥳 To rhyme or not to rhyme? Forced rhyme can ruin the sense and rhythm of a perfectly good poem. For example ‘celebrate’ has lots of options – ‘late’, ‘mate’, ‘date’, ‘create’. Whereas ‘party’, for example, not so much. No one wants a farty smarty at a party! Always avoid making up words to get a rhyme: ‘It’s        time to have fun and party, We’re going to dance, sing and blarty’!

🥳 It’s time to celebrate! Why not write an acrostic of ‘celebrate’? An acrostic is a great poetic technique to use as lines can be as long or short as you want and other techniques like rhyme can be included!

🥳 What a year! Are you celebrating life returning to normal(ish)? Perhaps you could create a poem that describes your emotional journey of the last year or so? What did you miss most?

🥳 Writing an ode is a great way to celebrate someone or something. There’s lots of help and resources online that can introduce you to ode writing. Check out people like Simon Mole on YouTube who has some fab tips on creating an ode!

🥳 Sometimes less is more! Haikus can be short and simple, or short and sophisticated! Remember to follow the syllable rules (line 1 – 5 syllables, line 2 – 7 syllables, line 3 – 5 syllables), and you can create as many as you want!

🥳 Poetry not prose. If writing a narrative poem, be sure to include poetic elements like rhyme and rhythm to avoid it becoming a story. Check out sites like BBC Bitesize for tips and tricks on narrative poetry writing.

🥳 We all love to party! Can you create a poem about what would be the best party and why? Like any good party it can be as fun and crazy as you want! Where would it be? Fancy a boogie at Buckingham Palace? How about a jamboree on Jupiter?!

Find out more about the Big Poetry Party and send us your entries here. The competition closes on September 3rd, so break a leg!

Published: Wed 18th Aug 2021

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