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Blog Olympic Recommended Reads

Olympic Recommended Reads

By Luke Chapman | Recommended Reads

Olympic Recommended Reads

With the Olympics in full swing, why not get stuck in and enjoy some recommended reads to mark the occasion?

Be Amazing! An Inspiring Guide to Being Your Own Champion – Sir Chris Hoy

From the most successful British Olympian of all time comes this fantastically inspiring and motivational book for 9-12 year-olds. Sharing a story of trials and tribulations, Sir Chris spreads the message that anyone can achieve their dream. Get the book here.

Sports Legends: 50 Inspiring People to Help You Reach the Top of Your Game – Rick Broadbent

Famous sports reporter and The Times journalist Rick Broadbent tells stories of his favourite interviews with some of the world’s greatest sports people. From Usain Bolt to Serena Williams, Rick tells us about his favourite talks with the world’s biggest names. Find out more about the book here.

The Story of the Olympic Games: An Official Olympic Museum Publication

Directly from the Olympic Museum, this book tells the history of the Olympic Games dating back to Ancient Greece. Beginning in 776BC, you’ll find information on each Olympics in chronological order featuring fun facts and pictures to tell their story on paper. Grab the book here.

Yura Swims - Julie Abery

Following the story of Syrian refugee turned Olympic Swimmer Yusra Mardini, Julie Abery writes this biography in rhyme alongside illustrator Sally Deng. Find the book here.

All About the Olympic Games – Marisa Boan

This interesting and informative book pairs pictures with some of the most interesting pieces of Olympic history. Charting fun facts and starting in Ancient Greece, All about the Olympic Games explains the reasons behind the Olympics, and why it's such an important event. Find out more about this book here.

Tumbling – Caela Carter

Grace, Leigh, Camille, Wilhelmina and Monica are all chasing their dreams of the Olympics, they all want to qualify and bring home the gold, but not all of them can make it. This fiction novel for 12-17 year-olds follows the story of a group of girls tackling their lives during the period of the Olympic qualifiers. Well researched and well informed, this book is insightful and shows another side to the Olympics we don’t see on TV. Grab the book here.

Published: Mon 2nd Aug 2021

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