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Blog Meet The Team – Donna Samworth, Senior Editor

Meet The Team – Donna Samworth, Senior Editor

By Luke Chapman | Meet the team

Meet The Team – Donna Samworth, Senior Editor

Donna is one of our leading editors whose job is to read your work! We had a chat with Donna about books, reading, tennis... and all of you!

Can you tell us what you do here at Young Writers?

My main job involves reading, editing, typing and proofreading all the amazing stories and poems we get sent. I also help prepare our books for print, carry out general admin duties, help train new members and now and again do a little bit of marketing work or customer service work as and when it's required.

Tell us about yourself, your hobbies, what do you like to do outside of work?

Outside of work I definitely live and breathe tennis - if there's a tennis tournament on you'll definitely find me watching it. Occasionally I play tennis but that happens a lot less these days. I also love a good long walk, baking bread and, of course, when I get the time... reading books!

What’s your favourite thing about Young Writers?

So many favourite things! I'd have to say though, the confidence and belief Young Writers gives to writers of all ages when publishing their work is the best part. When I was at school I loved English and I loved to write and (giving my age away a little here) there was no Young Writers around for me to enter my work. However, my dad owned a printing shop and was one day able to enter one of my poems into a charity book he was helping get printed. Seeing my poem in print was such a big confidence booster for me and it brought me so much happiness - I still have the book in a safe place at home and it will certainly be with me forever. Knowing the great sense of achievement I got when I saw my own work in print, makes me immensely proud I am now helping other young authors achieve their dreams too!

What is a typical day in the life for a senior editor?

That’s a hard one as my days are really busy and no two days are the same which is such a great perk of my job. I'd say a normal day for me would be reading and typing some of the fabulous work we receive into books, and because we have a variety of different competitions open each term time, I’m reading something new with each day!

Do you have any tips for anyone entering our contests straight from an editor?

Hmmm… As someone who likes to write myself, I once did a short creative writing course and the best tip I learnt was to always carry around a notepad and pen as you never know when inspiration may hit. Any funny events, unusual sights or occasional dream could provide the inspiration for your next poem/story so jot it all down!

What's your favourite book (or author) of all time?

The hardest question ever as I love sooooo many books and authors. I'd have to say I have three overall favourite books of all time and, well, the authors will have to make my top author list as well. I love Jonathan Stroud's ‘Bartimaeus’ series - such a wonderfully magical set; ‘The Ocean at the End of the Lane’ by Neil Gaiman has the childhood fantasy/spooky feel I truly love; and a non-fiction book 'Tuesdays with Morrie' by Mitch Albom – this book truly stole my heart!

Published: Thu 28th Oct 2021

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