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Blog Meet the Team - Ashley Janson, Graphic Designer

Meet the Team - Ashley Janson, Graphic Designer

By Luke Chapman | Interview, Meet the team

Meet the Team - Ashley Janson, Graphic Designer

Eye-catching design, amazing book covers and beautiful teacher resources, these are all thanks to the incredible talent of our Graphic Designer, Ash...

Putting pen to paper is one thing, but making stunning visuals and exciting designs is another skill! If you've been published in a book, have you ever taken the time to have a look at its cover, well you can most likely thank Ash for the amazing picture on the front. We had a chat with Ash about his role here at Young Writers and his wonderful designs.

Can you tell us what you do here at Young Writers?

Working closely with Marketing I design all of the artwork for Young Writers, mostly for all of the exciting competitions we run! When I’m not designing the competitions I’m normally designing the books which your poems/stories are published in, bookmarks, stickers, certificates... the list goes on!

Tell us about yourself, your hobbies, what do you like to do outside of work?

Apart from graphic design, I’ve always had an interest in art from a young age, I remember winning my first drawing competition at the age of 6 which really gave me a lot of confidence! Fast forward a few years and I was fortunate enough to graduate from the Norwich School of Art & Design, and now I have a job creating exciting artwork every day which will hopefully inspire other young creatives! I’m also an artist, specialising in hand-painted glass signs with a handful hanging in America which I’m super proud of! And lastly a big football fan... let’s go Red Devils!!

What’s your favourite thing about Young Writers?

I love that Young Writers encourages children of all ages to be creative! The competition that I entered when I was 6 years old, really did encourage me to pursue a path in art & design. Who knows where a Young Writers' competition might eventually lead you! I also love seeing pictures on social media of you all with your finished books that I designed – it’s really rewarding!

What is a typical day in the life of a graphic designer?

The day normally starts with a strong coffee and a check of emails to see if there are any urgent artwork changes! Then if nothing urgent is needed, I can start designing! What I’m designing depends on the project I’m working on. One day I could be creating dragons and monsters, the next I could be designing a ghost story book cover for a completely different age group! Whatever it is, it’s always something fun!

What's your favourite competition pack you have designed?

I designed the competition artwork for a competition series called ‘Survival Sagas’ which included Mission Catastrophe, Mission Contamination & Mission Chaos! All three competitions linked with each other and were really fun to design. We also have a brand-new competition being released soon, called ‘Adventure Hunters’ which is another favourite of mine... keep your eyes peeled!

Next time you receive you get a bookmark for entering a competition, a certificate for your amazing work, or if you order a book, have a look at its amazing design and admire the fantastic work Ash does here, and the love that's put into every design.

Published: Thu 23rd Sep 2021

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