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Blog Recommended Reads - May 2021

Recommended Reads - May 2021

By Lynsey | Recommended Reads

Recommended Reads - May 2021

Here are our favourite books this month!

Gerald Needs a Friend
By Robin Boyden
Published by Frances Lincoln Children's Books
RRP £6.99 (large format softback)
ISBN 9780711252097

Gerald lives on his own. He's happy spending his time in the garden, looking after his plants, fruit, and vegetables, and even making jams. Gerald has a routine for everything, every night he has dinner at 5pm and is in bed by 7pm. Every. Single. Day.

One day, a travelling market comes to town! Gerald has so much fun playing with the two mice that he forgets all about his routine... and realises that friends are something he'd really like to have.

This colourful picture book is a lovely way to see the power of friendship and the importance of making friends and being social.


How You Can Save the Planet
By Hendrikus van Hensbergen
Published by Puffin Books
RRP £7.99 (softback)
ISBN 9780241453049

There are lots of problems with our planet, including climate change, species extinction, environmental disasters - but what can we do about it? How can we help?

There are lots of things we can all do to make a difference, such as:
· Building a green wall
· Making recycled bird feeders
· Rewilding
· Writing letters to politicians
· Setting up a swap shop
· Organising cycling groups at school
· And so much more!

With easy step-by-step actions and inspiring stories of other children who've stood up and said 'no more', this is the definitive guide to creating a better world wherever you live.

Why not start making a difference today?


Karlsson On The Roof
By Astrid Lindgren ( Author) and Mini Grey (Illustrator)
Published by Oxford Children's Books
RRP £5.99 (softback)
ISBN 9780192776273

Karlsson lives in a house on the roof. He has a propeller on his back and one day he decides to hover at Smidge's window! They become great friends and go on lots of adventures, from catching thieves to running across the rooftops.

This collection of short stories is fun, engaging and packed full of adventure! Whether your child loves to have a bedtime story read to them, or loves a fantastic story to read alone, Karlsson & Smidge's tales will not disappoint!


Bone Music
By David Almond
Published by Hachette Children's Books
RRP £12.99 (hardback)
ISBN 9781444952933

Sylvia, brave-hearted and rebellious, moves to the countryside of Northumberland from Newcastle. She isn't sure she belongs there, but then she meets Gabriel, a strange yet familiar boy.

As they roam the forests and fells together, she sees nature with new eyes. She becomes aware that the past is all around her, and is deep inside herself. From the wing of a dead buzzard, they create a hollow bone – the kind of flute that was created and used in rituals in the distant past.

This is a book of hope and joy – get out of your comfort zone, explore the extraordinary, get in touch with nature and share in the belief that young & old can create a better world.


Percy the Park Keeper Nature Trail Activity Book
By Nick Butterworth
Published by HarperCollins Children's Books
RRP £7.99 (softback)
ISBN 9780008455576

This is the perfect activity book for little learners this half term as you discover nature with Percy the park keeper and his animal friends!

This bright, fun book helps kids learn about spring and summer with wildlife facts and photos, arts & crafts, nature spotter guides and there are over 400 STICKERS!! Whether the half term brings rain or shine, Percy has an activity for every weather that all the family will love.


Boy in a White Room
By Karl Olsberg
Published by Chicken House Books
RRP £7.99 (softback)
ISBN 9781912626229

A boy wakes to find himself locked in a white room. He has no memories, no idea who he is, and no idea how he got here.

A computer-generated voice named Alice responds to his questions – through her, he is able to access the internet. He gradually pieces together his story – an abduction, a critical injury, snippets of his past… But how can the boy tell what’s real and what’s not? Who is he?

A gripping YA sci-fi thriller that you'll not be able to put down...

Fancy reading an extract of this AMAZING book? Click on the book title above and head to the Chicken House website to do just that!


The Dark Lady
By Akala
Published by Hodder Children's Books
RRP £12.99 (hardback)
ISBN 9781444943696

This debut novel is a fantastic read... find yourself gripped with the characters; a pickpocket with an exceptional gift; a prisoner of incredible value and an orphan with dreams of a mysterious dark lady.

Henry is an orphan, an outsider, a thief. He is also a fifteen-year-old invested with magical powers …

This brilliant, at times brutal, first novel from the amazing imagination that is Akala, will glue you to your seat as you are hurled into a time when London stank and boys like Henry were forced to find their own route through the tangled streets and out the other side. This is a book you won't be able to put down!

Published: Wed 19th May 2021

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