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Blog Unlock Your Creativity With Freewriting

Unlock Your Creativity With Freewriting

By Manjeet Mann | Author, Guest Blog

Unlock Your Creativity With Freewriting

I write across all forms. Stage, screen and books. Regardless of the form I start every idea with the same technique…freewriting.

When I run workshops in schools I often hear ‘I can’t write', 'my ideas are no good’ or ‘I can’t think of anything.’ I believe everyone is a writer and everyone has a story to tell. When we stop ourselves from being creative it’s more often than not because we think there’s a right way to write and what we write has to be perfect as soon as pen hits paper.

This is why I’m a fan of freewriting. It gets you ‘out of your own way’ so to speak. It stops the need to be perfect, it releases fear of the blank page and most importantly allows creativity to flow without the fear of judgement from yourself and others. Freewriting is a stream of consciousness writing where you allow your creative, authentic voice to flow without the need to edit. I usually start with writing prompts in my workshops and get students to write for one minute on each prompt. This simple technique usually gets a classroom full of reluctant writers scribbling away.

 Have a go yourself. Here are some prompts to get you started…

 💭 My big dream is…

😡 I get angry when…

😃 I feel happy when…

😨 I get scared when…

🏠 Home is a place where…

Here’s how it works…

1. Begin with the first prompt.

2. Write out the prompt on your piece of paper.

3. Set your timer for one minute ⏲️

4. Start the timer and write!

Your pen does not leave the paper until one minute is up. If you get stuck, just repeat the prompt and trust that something will come.

Don’t judge, don’t edit, just write!

Set the timer again and repeat with the second prompt and so on…

You should have five pieces of new writing now that you go back over and edit and build on into a story, poem, song or script. Good luck and most importantly have fun!

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Published: Fri 4th Aug 2023

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