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Blog Leavers' Books: Amazing Yearbooks For Your Class Made Easy

Leavers' Books: Amazing Yearbooks For Your Class Made Easy

By Jenni Harrison | Teachers, Leavers' Books

Leavers' Books: Amazing Yearbooks For Your Class Made Easy

The end of the school year may seem a long way away, but it's never too early to start planning your yearbooks. Our friends at Leavers' Books make it stress free with their online creator.

Leavers' books are more than just photo albums; they are reflections of the time spent together in school. These books serve as a testament to the bonds formed, the lessons learned, and the achievements celebrated. Crafting a leavers' book is a labour of love, and Leavers' Books provides a user-friendly platform to bring this vision to life.

The team at Leavers’ Books knows how busy you are, which is why they have simplified the process with the Online Yearbook Creator. 

  1. Create a free online account
  2. Build your yearbook on screen using the ready-made page templates
  3. Check the proof copy and make any changes
  4. Order and wait for them to arrive!


  • Over 65 designs and templates to choose from
  • Logins for pupils so they can upload their own pictures and write their profiles -  you can use it as part of an IT lesson and it saves you time!
  • Payment portal so parents can order their book direct with Leavers' Books
  • If teachers are swamped, we can work with a parent or PTA member to create your yearbook
  • Upload photos quickly and securely
  • Share your login to work collaboratively with other teachers or the PTA
  • Creator works on any device, so you can create anytime, anywhere
  • Three bindings to choose from - stitched, perfect bound or hardback

Or if you prefer to have full creative control, Leavers’ Books offers a print-only service - you provide the PDF and they will professionally print and bind your yearbooks. 

There’s also an Info Hub on the website which takes you through every stage of yearbook creation, and in the unlikely event that what you need isn’t covered there, the team are on hand Monday-Friday 8.30am-4pm to answer any of your questions on 01733 315097 or by email [email protected].

Get ahead of the game and start building your yearbook today. If you add in photos and event write-ups as they happen there’ll be no last-minute rush when it comes to finalising your text and layout.
No rush = no stress, just fabulous yearbooks to see off your leavers in style!

Head to www.leaversbooks.com to get started today!

Published: Fri 1st Dec 2023

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