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Blog Junior Toolkit Writing tip - The Character Fact File

Junior Toolkit Writing tip - The Character Fact File

By Luke Chapman | Activities, Holiday activities, Kids, Teachers, Top Tips, Writing Tips, Toolkit

Junior Toolkit Writing tip - The Character Fact File

Download our Character Fact File straight from the Junior Toolkit to help you with your character development

No matter your age, writing can be difficult. Whether a recipe book, children's book, novel or poem, writing gives different challenges dependant on what you're trying to create. Luckily for you, we have a great resource to help with one part of your writing, characters.

This Character Fact File is a useful tool to help you brainstorm ideas for who you're going to include in your book. Your characters develop the story, keep it interesting, and hold people's attention, so they're important! 

Download the fact file here and use it for each character you create, it will really help to give them a personality.

If you find this tip useful, make sure you check out our Complete Writer's Toolkit - Junior Edition for more tools and handy tricks to turn your ideas into books! The Toolkit even includes printed copies of the book you make, how cool! Find out more here, and if you use code BLOG10 at checkout, you'll save yourself 10% off the total price.

Published: Wed 14th Jul 2021

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