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Blog Fun Creative Writing Activities for the Jubilee Weekend

Fun Creative Writing Activities for the Jubilee Weekend

By Young Writers Admin | Activities, Event

Fun Creative Writing Activities for the Jubilee Weekend

Just for fun - Jubilee themed writing activities for kids

We've put together some Jubilee themed creative writing activities for a bit of fun over the Jubilee bank holiday weekend...

Here at Young Writers we are really looking forward to the Jubilee celebrations... We've been cooking up different ideas to celebrate in our own unique way... by writing of course!

What better way can there be than creating a poem or story to mark the event and making an everlasting memory...?

Here are a couple of writing ideas and topics on how you could mark the occasion using nothing but pen, paper and your own words...

Commonwealth Acrostic Poem Activity

The Queen presides over a whopping 54 countries, including the United Kingdom.

What better way to celebrate than by picking one of these wonderful countries and writing an acrostic poem based on the nation you have picked?

Examples include:

  • The UK
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Jamaica
  • New Zealand
  • Pakistan etc...

For an extra challenge, why not pick a country you’re not too familiar with?

You could research the country and use your acrostic to highlight all the new things you have learned.

I Love The UK Poem Activity

Pick your favourite place or thing about the UK and form your ideas into a poem.

It could be anything that symbolises the UK for you. Perhaps you have a favourite seaside, attraction site or food... Does Blackpool rock your boat?

Want to let us know how great your home town is or is fish and chip Friday your weekly ritual?

Up for an extra challenge? Why not form your favourite thing about the UK into a riddle to see if we, the reader, can guess what it could be!

100-Word Story Challenge – A Day In The Life Of The Queen

To celebrate her Majesty’s reign, try putting yourself in her shoes...

What would it be like to be the Queen?

What does she do during a typical day?

Try writing a 100-word story with this in mind. Perhaps your going to a special event, meeting and greeting or maybe you are taking a quiet day out and chilling at the Palace with the Corgis... The choices are endless.

Alternatively, imagine you yourself are queen/king. What would you do if you ruled?

Jubilee Puzzle Activity:

Decode the Caesar cipher:

1. OHWWF WSHAPUBT QBIPSLL! (Happy Platinum Jubilee!)

2. ZLCLUAF FLHYZ PZ H SVUN APTL! (Seventy years is a long time!)

To decipher:

Find letter in Cipher line, and count left 3 letters. Corresponding letter in the Plain line is the decoded letter.

Decode these anagrams- the answers are countries Queen Elizabeth II rules!




We hope you had fun with our Jubilee activities! If you had a go and want to show us what brilliant poems, acrostics, riddles or stories you came up with - you can post them to our Facebook or Twitter... We'd love to see some of them!



Published: Tue 31st May 2022

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