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Blog Inspired - A Collection Of Poetry - Winner Announced!

Inspired - A Collection Of Poetry - Winner Announced!

By Callum Elsom | Winners, Competitions

Inspired - A Collection Of Poetry - Winner Announced!

Thank you to everyone who entered, we have loved reading your work! Here is the winner...

Congratulations to Emma Hornsby (17) who has been chosen as the best poet in “Inspired - A Collection Of Poetry” and wins a £25 book token!

Thank you to everyone who entered, we’ve loved reading your poems, and here is Emma’s winning poem...

“The Human Condition”

It's a symptom of the human condition,
To feel so central, intrinsic, and sacred
to the turning of the Earth
and the way that summer bleeds
into autumn and winter.
We are but spectating specs of dust to her.

She heralds the rain as it
storms upon the ocean,
sending winds to blow sand over dusted sand -
So entirely futile in its ventures.
Yet sunlight bleeds through the trees
when it's silent. Unobserved.

It's difficult for us to comprehend
how insignificant we are to nature.
How wind blows through us, fleeting;
returns our footsteps to ghosts,
but can mar the cliff faces with permanence.
We are devastatingly temporary.

We feel unique in our sentience, as if
creatures cannot love nor fight.
Nor create something far more intricate
and clever than our bleak buildings
and dull legislation.
We pale in comparison.

Our stewardship: a mere delusion of superiority.

We are solely unique in our ruin.
Humanity reduced to a cigarette discarded in frogspawn,
a dark hand signing papers to
snuff out the elemental beauty in
the trees and rivers, the sun and sky.
We are but overly righteous predators to her.

 © Emma Hornsby, 2022

Published: Sat 19th Nov 2022

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