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Blog Create your own Impossible Ice Cream Challenge 🍧🍦😋

Create your own Impossible Ice Cream Challenge 🍧🍦😋

By Callum Elsom | Activities, Author, Holiday activities, Kids

Create your own Impossible Ice Cream Challenge 🍧🍦😋

❗Attention❗ Calling all ice cream lovers, we have a challenge for you!

Step inside and discover a delicious world of magical adventure with The Shop of Impossible Ice Creams. This is the latest addition to Shane Hegarty’s collection and has been excellently brought to life with brilliant black and white illustrations by Jeff Crowther. Shane is the author of the Waterstones Prize nominee and bestselling book series, Darkmouth, which is currently being developed into an animation for the big screen.

“Limpet's mum is opening an ice-cream shop, full of her favourite new flavours: mushroom and tuna ice cream, anyone? Roast parsnip and gravy?
Limpet's not sure about this. He likes a nice, safe life. His favourite ice cream flavour is vanilla.
But when wicked Mr Fluffy arrives with his Mega Emporium of Amazing and Spectacular Ice Creams, Limpet knows he’s got to fight back...”

We challenge you to get creative by creating your very own impossible ice cream.

Fancy a cold and refreshing garlic & meatball ice cream? Or maybe you would prefer the more fruity option of banana & cinnamon flavour. For this challenge, you must follow only one rule... there are no rules, be as exciting and creative as you like!

How to take part

⭐️Grab a piece of paper

⭐️Gather up all of your colouring pencils / paints / felt-tips

⭐️Draw your own impossible ice cream (no boring mint chocolate chips or vanilla! 😴)

⭐️Write a short description of what flavours and toppings you have chosen

⭐️Share them with us on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram!

Download your FREE resources with the links below!

Impossible ice cream certificate

Impossible ice cream activity sheet & colouring sheet

Good luck and happy ice cream creation!

Published: Fri 3rd Feb 2023

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