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Blog Gothic Fiction writers – Get spooky with these ghastly writers

Gothic Fiction writers – Get spooky with these ghastly writers

By Sarah Waterhouse | Recommended Reads, Teachers

Gothic Fiction writers – Get spooky with these ghastly writers

Spooky, gripping, scary, thrilling, gothic fiction has it all

With the return of Young Writers’ creepy creative writing competition ‘Spine-Chillers’, it’s time to get inspired by some great gothic fiction!

A timeless genre of literature, gothic fiction can be loved by people of all ages. Elements of this genre can be literally found all around. From classic literary examples, such as the frightening Frankenstein or the dark and dangerous Dracula, to the more modern masterpieces like the sinister works of Stephen King and the great Neil Gaiman, there’s so much inspiration out there to help write a spooky saga. Young adult gothic fiction is ever-growing, and fast! There’s horror in the likes of Harry Potter, terror in the Twilight saga, and let’s not forget how fearful a fairy tale can be.

Here's some great examples of gothic fiction to get bone-chilling creative juices flowing... 

  1.  Bram Stoker - Dracula The eerie castle setting, vampires, tragic love - what more does this classic piece of gothic fiction need?
  2.  Mary Shelly - Frankenstein Like Dracula, this novel was also written from different character perspectives, and it doesn't get much more terrifying than a monster created by man speaking to you through a book!
  3.  Charlotte Bronte - Jane Eyre Away from obvious horror, this classic still has the gothic settings and focuses on romance and character development too. A deep side to gothic fiction. Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights is another great example similar to this.
  4.  Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde - Robert Louis Stevenson This fantastic piece of fiction all about good versus evil and the horrors within is sure to inspire.
  5.  The Haunting of Hill House - Shirley Jackson Recently turned into a Netflix series, this story of ghosts in a haunted house will have you spooked for sure.

Get your gothic genre on and inspire your students to write their own Spine-Chiller. See what eerie elements from other weird and wonderful gothic writers they can use in their own 100-word piece of fantastic fiction. The closing date is Friday the 23rd of July, so get your pupils writing and send their stories in to give us all a good scare!

Published: Tue 6th Jul 2021

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