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Blog Interview with our first toolkit author! Xavier age 6

Interview with our first toolkit author! Xavier age 6

By Luke Chapman | Author, Family, Interview, Kids, Toolkit, Alumni

Interview with our first toolkit author! Xavier age 6

'The Friendly Ghost' is an original creation from Xavier, the young author who used our Junior Toolikit to become a published writer!

Hi Xavier! Congratulations on becoming our very first published author with a Young Writers’ toolkit, as the first-ever toolkit author we have some questions for you.

So you’ve created your very own book now!!! How does it feel to be a published writer?

It feels very good. I am very proud of myself. I love it. 

Can you tell us what your book is about?

It is about a nice ghost called Autumn who saves the school from an evil ghost because she wants the children to graduate. 

Where did you get the inspiration for your story?

I like going to school. Kori is my friend. I knew that a ghost could win against a wizard every time! 

Who will you be sharing your storybook with?

My friends and my teacher and my nanny and grandad. 

What was your favourite thing about the toolkit?

My favourite part was the post-it notes!!!

What was your favourite thing about writing your own book?

I enjoyed writing it and finding all of the rhyming words with my mommy’s help.

What’s next, are you going to write more stories?

Yes! The friendly ghost is going to save a lot more places! 

There you have it! Xavier, our very first toolkit author who's destined to write great stories! You can find out more about the Junior Toolkit that Xavier used here.

Published: Thu 23rd Sep 2021

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