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Blog FING by David Walliams

FING by David Walliams

By Hannah Miller | Book Reviews

FING by David Walliams

Book review by Hannah Miller, age 8

The book ‘FING’ is so interesting and a comical story. The characters (well some) look extremely amusing. My friends even laugh at it too!

My favourite character was Mr Meek because he had to agree to everything to ‘FING’ said. All the characters felt real e.g. the babies saying their first word. This one single scene felt a little bit sad to me though.

This book is humorous, if you read the book you will see what I am talking about. Honestly, the book was glued to me and when the teacher told me to put the book away my eyes were just moving backwards, forwards, up and down.

The round/ball-looking monster on the front cover and in one of the pages was a bit weird but it ended with a good cliff-hanger at the end!

The little girl AKA FING looks a bit odd for some reason...

I really recommend this good quality book to read for all children similar to my age of 8 and a half!

Published: Wed 15th Sep 2021

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