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Blog Our experience of the Young Writers poetry competition - ’Empowered’

Our experience of the Young Writers poetry competition - ’Empowered’

By Mollie Hogg | Guest Blog, Poetry, Teachers, Alumni

Our experience of the Young Writers poetry competition - ’Empowered’

Creative Writing university student Mollie Hogg ran the Empowered competition for some budding writers at St Thomas More High School

Last month our pupils took part in the Young Writers poetry competition on the theme of ‘Empowerment’. Immediately our poets immersed themselves into the process finding the theme topical and relevant to their own lives. We discussed ideas relating to politics, diversity, climate change, identity, the refugee crisis, stereotypes, discrimination, and prejudices, as well as their own self-empowerment.

Personally, as a student myself, I found it astonishing to watch a group of pupils who had voluntarily joined the poetry workshops to aid them in creating their poems walk in, initially nervous at the prospect of a poetry competition, to then walk away motivated and confident towards the task ahead after exploring the Young Writers' lesson resources and student pack.

The theme allowed pupils to focus especially on important matters not only globally but to them individually. Much of their final pieces tackled major global affairs whilst others looked inward with their poems reflecting a more personal and exclusive approach. The competition offered such a variety and inspired methods for our pupils to help craft their poems, teaching our Young Writers how creativity can sprout from the smallest of bulbs; from one idea, a thousand more can flourish.

Poetry can sometimes seem daunting yet when we dare and challenge our Young Writers in an encouraging environment poetry is an escape, an understanding, an expression!

Poetry allows us to pour out our feelings without penting our emotions.
Poetry allows us to understand a time in our lives which may be difficult to talk about.
Poetry allows us to say what we really feel when our voices may not be heard.
Poetry allows us to scream.
Poetry allows us to whisper.
Poetry allows us to try and make sense of this crazy world around us.
Poetry is a freedom to say hundreds of things and one thing.
Poetry is a communication between two hearts.
Poetry is an ongoing conversation.
Poetry wants your mistakes; there are no wrong answers…
Poetry is yours!

At a time in your life when you have so many questions - poetry will find your answers.

The Young Writers' competition emboldened our pupils. They were empowered. They were strong and confident enough to bring their truths into the classroom and share their stories with one another through verse.

I could not recommend the Young Writers' competition enough to anyone looking to inspire their pupils in a fun, competitive and exhilarating approach. The regularly updated resources and social media posts fashioned creativity naturally and enhanced the pupils' writing, so thank you to everyone on the team and best of luck to all of the competitors!

Today's pupils are tomorrow's scholars, and this competition allows Young Writers to mobilise their creativity, have a voice and be heard.

Our pupils loved it and are eagerly anticipating the next challenge.


A huge thank you goes out to Mollie for this amazing guest blog, for the work she's doing in inspiring young writers and we wish her the best of luck in her own writing endeavours. If you want to take part in our writing competitions and help inspire younger minds, head to our competition page here to see what competitions are open.

Published: Wed 2nd Feb 2022

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