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Blog The bumper 2022 Easter blog!

The bumper 2022 Easter blog!

By Luke Chapman | Activities, Easter, Family, Holiday activities, Kids, Parents

The bumper 2022 Easter blog!

Chocolate, family, celebration and fun! We love Easter here at Young Writers

Easter is a time for celebration, time off, relaxation and fun! We've worked alongside some really exciting people this year to create activities to stay entertained over the break, develop writing skills and make it a productive time!

What will you be getting up to this Easter? Share your plans and any activities you take part in with us on socials, you can find us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Here are some ideas for things to do this break, there's even prizes up for grabs!

Lissa Evans' funny writing challenge: Funny writer and children's author Lissa Evans has created some top tips on how anyone can make their writing full of laughter! She's also shared with us an exclusive writing challenge to develop writing skills, and given us some copies of her now book 'Wished' as a prize! Find more info here and see how you could bag yourself a book (giveaway ends April 10th, tips and writing challenge last forever!).

Spring Time Activity: Spring represents many things for different communities, but some themes stay present no matter your background. Spring makes us think of flowers, birth, bloom and colour! We've created two activities you can take part in to celebrate the writing inspiration spring brings. 

  • Super Spring words- Spring has a focus on birth, growth, colour and so much more. Can you capture these themes in words? Write either a poem or a piece of short fiction and see what you can come up with. To make it even harder, can you fit these words in there: birth, growing, vibrant, seed.
  • We know we have some budding illustrators out there as well as writers! Can you create an image that represents something ‘new’. This could be anything from a new idea, a new identity or something new that's happening to you. Bonus points if you can include five or more colours for that extra spring feeling!

Easter Egg Hunt Clues: Easter egg hunts are one of the best things about Easter! Check out our list of 10 ready-made hunt clues anyone can use no matter their home set up. Save a job and create some excitement this year.

Martin Howard's 'Migrations' challenge: Our world is full of different people who have taken many different journeys. Martin's new book 'A World Full of Journeys and Migrations' is a celebration of the world and everyone in it. Martin also shared with us an exciting writing challenge to celebrate his book, check it out here and take part to win a copy of Martin's new book! The giveaway closes at 23:59 on April 18th so get in your entry before then.

Gareth Peter's roarsome blog and drawing challenge: Welcome to Dinosaur Street! Picture book author and amazing writer Gareth Peter shared with Young Writers the process of how he created his dino-mite book 'Who Will You Meet on Dinosaur Street?' on our blog here. We also have an exclusive drawing challenge where you can win a signed copy of the book. Find out more below:

Get your pens out and your thinking caps on. We want you to create your very own dinosaur! From a Flashysaurus, Splashysaurus, Whoops-there's-been-a Crashysaurus, what kind of dinosaur would you be? Illustrate yourself as a dinosaur and send us your beautiful creations! Take a picture of what you've made and email them to [email protected] before 23:59 on April 24th to be in with your shot of winning a signed copy of 'Who Will You Meet on Dinosaur Street'. Channel your creativity… and bag yourself a roarsome prize.


Whatever you get up to, everyone here at Young Writers wishes you the best Easter break full of fun and writing!

Published: Tue 5th Apr 2022

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