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Blog COP26 recommended reads - Books that make a difference

COP26 recommended reads - Books that make a difference

By Luke Chapman | Environment, Recommended Reads

COP26 recommended reads - Books that make a difference

Books are a great way to nurture a love for the planet, educate, empower, and inspire change

Environmentalism is a hot topic, especially among the younger generation. We've seen an increase in books that take on an eco storyline and lend a hand in inspiring the next generation, educating them to make the changes needed to keep the planet alive! With COP26 at the forefront of most news outlets, we thought we'd curate some of our favourite environmentally focused books that help spread awareness, and even issue grave warnings...

The Tindims and the Floating Moon - Sally Gardner & Lydia Corry

The fourth in the Tindims series, Floating Moon is the perfect book for young readers to engage with a fun storyline taking on an eco lesson. The loveable Tindims turn everyday rubbish into treasure, but in this latest adventure large fog is coming towards Rubbish Island and won't go away, what are they to do? Printed in dyslexia-friendly font and comes alongside wonderful illustrations to encourage more reluctant readers, it's a 10 out of 10 from us. Check out the latest instalment from Sally and Lydia here

The Wild Before - Piers Torday

Also the fourth in a series, this stunning prequel from children's master writer Piers Torday is equally stunning as it is apocalyptic. Telling tales of extreme climate disasters and pandemic plagues... 'The Wild Before' is gripping, heartwarming, and heeds grave warnings about the world's current situtation. Get yourself a copy of this masterpiece here.

What a Waste - Jess French

You may have seen some of Jess' work this year as part of World Book Day. Not only a writer, but a vet too, Jess' books strongly focus on nurturing animals and the planet. Colourful, engaging, poignant and fun, her works encourage younger minds to get into caring about the world from a younger age and changing the planet! Find out more about this book here.

The Last Bear - Hannah Gold

One of the biggest best-sellers of the year, Hannah's debut novel has captivated readers around the globe with this truly beautiful story. April is told there are no bears left on Bear Island until one night she finds one. Her journey of protecting this very last creature at all costs becomes a story of how anyone can make a huge difference, no matter who we are. If you're into moving, gorgeous, important and moving stories (who isn't?), do yourself a favour and get a copy of the book here.

Green Rising - Lauren James

In this genius story set in a future on the brink of ecological collapse, Lauren James manages to seamlessly weave underlying meanings from the world of today into this dystopian book collecting the narratives into parallels. The story is based around one remarkable girl who hones her skill of growing plants from her skin. She begins sharing this knowledge in a bid to save the world, but corporate greed leads her to believe that not everyone wants the world saved. Find out about this remarkably clever book here.

Old Enough to Save the Planet - Anna Taylor, Adelina Lirius & Loll Kirby

Anyone can change the world, really! Even kids, don't believe us? Read this book and you'll learn about the children who took the climate emergency into their own hands and began to make real change. This book is amazing inspiration for young minds wanting to make real change, find out more about these incredible stories here.

Between Sea and Sky - Nicola Penfold

Set in a future where environmental disasters have left most places underwater, the main character Pearl lives on a floating farm and refuses to step foot on land as she believes the poisons there are the cause of her Mother's death. When someone from land comes to join Pearl on her farm, a secret threatens the existence of them all. A thrilling adventure with climate warnings, this environmental book for middle-grade readers is worth every second. Find out more here.

Little Peolpe, Big Dreams: Greta Thunberg - Maria Sánchez Isabel Vergera & Anke Weckmann

When 15-year-old Greta didn't turn up to school one day, she probably didn't realise she'd shortly be the face of the battle against climate change. Her inspiring story epitomises the very nature of small actions having huge impacts. This book in the 'Little People, Big Dreams' series tells the story of young Greta and how her individual actions made the world a better place. Find out more about the book here.

We hope these books inspire everyone out there to take action against the changing face of our planet, making small changes, but most importantly, making a huge difference to the world!

Published: Fri 5th Nov 2021

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