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Blog Case Study with Solefield School, Kent

Case Study with Solefield School, Kent

By Young Writers Admin | Teachers, Case Studies

Case Study with Solefield School, Kent

Our experience with Young Writers

Case Study: Young Writers Competitions' and Their Impact on Solefield School


Solefield School is an educational institution that has actively participated in Young Writers' competitions for several years. This case study focuses on the experiences and outcomes of the school's involvement in these competitions, particularly using the “A Twist in the Tale” mini saga national writing competition.


The primary objective of Solefield School's participation in Young Writers' competitions is to enhance pupils' creative writing skills, foster a love for storytelling and provide opportunities for their work to be published.

Experience with Young Writers' Competitions

The school's journey with Young Writers competitions began approximately five years ago when the first competition poster caught the attention of a teacher. In the initial attempt, the competition was viewed as an additional activity and not integrated into the curriculum. However, the lack of preparation and limited exposure to examples affected the outcome.

Since then, the approach to the competitions has evolved significantly. A dedicated creative writing unit centred around writing mini sagas was introduced. Pupils were exposed to a wide range of mini sagas, including previous competition winners and engaged in group discussions to identify the key elements of successful storytelling. Materials provided by Young Writers were utilised for idea generation and pupils peer-evaluated each other's work. Through this comprehensive approach, the participation in Young Writers competitions became an integral part of the curriculum at Solefield School.

Response to "A Twist in the Tale" Competition:

Teacher, Emma Snow said: “The Year 6 pupils at Solefield School enthusiastically embraced the “A Twist in the Tale” competition. They thoroughly enjoyed discussing ideas around fairytales and crafting imaginative twists to engage the readers. The positive response from the previous year's competition further fuelled their excitement. Due to my pupils’ eagerness, the school adjusted its academic plan to accommodate the creative writing unit earlier in the year.”

Impact on Pupils and Writing Skills

“Participating in Young Writers' competitions has had a profound impact on my pupils' writing skills and overall development. The competitions not only covered numerous National Curriculum objectives but also exposed them to storytelling techniques typically associated with professional writers. The quality of writing produced has consistently impressed the teachers, surpassing their expectations.

To document the learning journey and showcase my pupils’ progress, I created a BookCreator book, containing the mini sagas written by them alongside the features and techniques they learned. This compilation of work highlights the growth and achievements of the pupils, serving as a testament to their exceptional writing skills.”

Success Stories and Notable Moments

The most significant success story at Solefield School is their pupils’ deep passion for mini sagas, which has created a highly positive and engaging environment for creative writing. Their pupils have come to understand that successful mini sagas are not limited to the highest academic achievers but rather require a vivid imagination, impeccable timing, and carefully chosen words. This realisation has levelled the playing field, allowing pupils of various abilities to shine as remarkable writers. Witnessing the growth of these budding writing stars has been a rewarding experience for the teachers.

Benefits for the School and Pupils

Young Writers' competitions have greatly benefitted Solefield School and its pupils. The competitions have motivated their pupils to strive for excellence, pushing them to enhance their vocabulary and punctuation skills. As a result, the overall quality of creative writing within the school has significantly improved. Their pupils' eagerness to see their work published has instilled a sense of pride and accomplishment, further boosting their confidence and enthusiasm for writing.

Long-Term Effects and Benefits

The impact of participating in Young Writers' competitions extends beyond the immediate benefits. Their pupils have developed a heightened awareness of storytelling techniques, such as the "show-reveal" approach and the art of building suspense leading to key revelations. They have also become meticulous in their word choice and concise use of language. These long-term effects have transformed their pupils into excellent writers who reflect on their work with care and willingly revise their writing multiple times.

Incorporation into Lesson Plans and Curriculum

Solefield School seamlessly incorporates participation in Young Writers competitions into its lesson plans and curriculum. The creative writing unit focused on mini sagas has become an integral part of the Year 6 and 7 classes. Their pupils explore various examples, engage in idea generation sessions, peer-evaluate each other's work and receive guidance on improving punctuation. By integrating the competitions into the curriculum, the school ensures that all pupils in the specified year groups participate, fostering a consistent learning experience.

Recommendation to Other Teachers and Schools

Based on the success and positive impact experienced at Solefield School, the teachers emphatically recommend Young Writers' competitions to other teachers and schools. The competitions provide an opportunity to teach creative writing skills that surpass the National Curriculum requirements, resulting in enhanced writing abilities and a deep appreciation for storytelling.


Solefield School's involvement in Young Writers' competitions has significantly contributed to the development of pupils' creative writing skills, fostering their love for storytelling and providing a platform for their work to be recognised and published. The competitions have revolutionised the teaching of writing at the school, inspiring pupils to become exceptional writers who reflect on their work with care and strive for excellence. Solefield School won The Young Writers' Award of Excellence in "A Twist in the Tale" competition for their outstanding entries.

By incorporating these competitions into their curriculum, Solefield School has created a vibrant learning environment where every pupil can shine as a writing star.

Published: Fri 30th Jun 2023

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