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Blog Case Study with Flint High School, Flintshire

Case Study with Flint High School, Flintshire

By Young Writers Admin | Case Studies, Teachers

Case Study with Flint High School, Flintshire

Young Writers' Competitions: Impact on Flint High School's Student Writing Skills and School Community

Case Study: Young Writers' Competitions’ Impact on Flint High School’s Student Writing Skills and School Community


Flint High School, located in Wales, emphasises the importance of literature in stimulating imagination and empowering students' writing skills. The school aims to encourage creative freedom by allowing students to write based on their own experiences. Young Writers' competitions align with this educational ethos and provide an appealing opportunity for students to have their work published in a real book alongside their friends and peers.

Impact on Students and Writing Skills

Participation in Young Writers' competitions has had a significant impact on students at Flint High School. The number of entries has increased, due to a growing interest in writing among students. Their students have gained confidence in their creative and writing abilities, resulting in a greater willingness to explore their creativity and produce interesting and unique pieces of writing. The publication of numerous entries over the last decade has also served as inspiration for other students to participate, creating a positive cycle of increased engagement in creative writing throughout the school.

Notable Moments and Success Stories

One notable moment from Flint High School's participation in Young Writers' competitions was the cross-curricular link with the Integer Stories Inspired By Numbers national writing competition. Students were encouraged to view numbers creatively, they're not just for maths lessons! Exploring the significance of specific numbers resulted in engaging discussions and expanded students' perspectives.

Benefits for Flint High School and their Students

Young Writers' competitions offer numerous benefits to both the school and their students. The opportunity for students to become published authors creates a sense of accomplishment and pride. This experience broadens students' understanding that writing extends beyond exams and practical applications such as CV writing, emphasising its importance as a creative pursuit.

Long-Term Effects and Benefits

Some students who participated in Young Writers' competitions at Flint High School have extended their stories beyond their mini saga competition entries. They have shown a continued interest in writing and have shared their longer narratives with teachers. Notably, the increasing number of entries from year-on-year indicates a growing recognition and appreciation for creative writing among students.

Integration into Lesson Plans and Curriculum

The English department at Flint High School actively incorporates participation in Young Writers' competitions into its lesson plans. Recognising the importance of both reading and writing competitions, the English department identifies suitable competitions from Young Writers and guides students through the planning stages. Students decide whether to enter, and an internal winner is selected before submitting the entries to Young Writers.

Recommendation to Other Teachers and Schools

Flint High School highly recommends Young Writers' competitions to other teachers and schools. The competitions serve as a catalyst for inspiring creativity and nurturing budding writers. Short stories submitted to Young Writers often evolve into larger writing projects outside the scope of the competitions, demonstrating the potential for long-term impact on students' writing journeys.


Flint High School has been participating in Young Writers' competitions since 2009, emphasising the ongoing relevance and relatability of the competitions. The positive experiences, increased student engagement and the pride associated with being published have contributed to a vibrant writing culture within the school community. Flint High School looks forward to their continued participation in Young Writers' competitions to inspire and motivate students in their writing endeavours.


Published: Tue 18th Jul 2023

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