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Blog The Christmas Pig by J. K. Rowling

The Christmas Pig by J. K. Rowling

By Sky Kwok | Book Reviews, Recommended Reads

The Christmas Pig by J. K. Rowling

A book review by Sky Kwok, aged 8

This story is about Jack and his childhood toy, Dur Pig (DP). DP has always been with him till Christmas Eve, when DP is lost. But Christmas Eve is a night when toys can come alive. Then Jack and The Christmas Pig (DP replacement) go on a thrilling journey through the magical Land of the Lost to rescue DP from the toy-eating Loser. The Christmas Pig was my favourite character as he was brave and smart. He tried to his best to protect Jack and used his intelligence to deal with the furious Loser. He demonstrated his love to Jack. I like the happy ending very much because it teaches me to cherish relationship with our love. This story inspired me a lot. I highly recommend this to you as it was a fascinating story. I bet you’ll love it!

Published: Sat 10th Dec 2022

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