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Blog Book Review: The Best Sleepover in the World by Jacqueline Wilson

Book Review: The Best Sleepover in the World by Jacqueline Wilson

By Maimoona Akhtar | Book Reviews

Book Review: The Best Sleepover in the World by Jacqueline Wilson

A book review by Maimoona Akhtar (age 15)

My name is Maimoona! I love all things books and reading.

The latest book I have read is The Best Sleepover In The World by my favorite author who is Jacqueline Wilson. Jacqueline Wilson is an extremely talented author and her latest book certainly didn't disappoint.

This amazing book is about Daisy who is the protagonist. Through the book the theme of friendship is evident as the friendships shown are truly heartwarming. Daisy also has an enemy who is promising everyone else an amazing sleepover. Daisy and her sister, who are very close, decide to have a sleepover on the very same day in an attempt to stop Daisy from feeling left out. With her enemy promising amazing things at her sleepover and even trying to persuade Daisy's best friend to go there instead, Daisy is anxious about how her sleepover will turn out. To find out whether Daisy’s sleepover was a success you will have to check out Jacqueline Wilson's book

I think that this book is amazing. I found it so interesting that I managed to finish the whole thing in two days. I really love the characters of Daisy and her sister! When I finished the book, I had a massive smile on my face because the book was perfect. As a big Jacqueline Wilson fan, I love everything she writes. Reading this also inspired me to have a really fun sleepover myself. I really hope someone decides to read this book after reading my review because it really will not disappoint you. I rate it 10 out of 10.


The Best Sleepover In The World was published by Puffin Books on 17th August 2023 and is available to buy here.

The paperback will be released on 6th June 2024.

The Best Sleepover in the World is a sequel to Jacqueline's previous book 'Sleepovers'.

Published: Wed 20th Sep 2023

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