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Blog Cheap date ideas for you and your friends

Cheap date ideas for you and your friends

By Reta Kvietkauskaite | Activities, Family, Holiday activities, Kids

Cheap date ideas for you and your friends

Celebrate your best friend in style with our fun friend date ideas

What better way to celebrate best friend than with a BBF date? We've made a list of affordable date ideas you can do with your friends, and all are under £20! What a bargain.

  • Blind best friend date with a book! Go to your local library and pick out a book for one another. Keep it a surprise, that's the fun! With a local library card, this is completely free!
  • Grab breakfast - Most local cafes will offer cheap breakfast options, from a fry up to a coffee, pancakes to eggs, most items will cost you just under a tenner.
  • Go Pinterest diving - Pinterest of full of inspiration for arts and crafts, you could go simple, or stretch yourself and conquer something more difficult. Either way, you'll only have to cover the costs of the materials, cheap as chips!
  • Head to the cinema - Okay so... Some cinemas can be pricy, but there are some tricks to save that important coin. Most cinemas will have off-peak hours, generally during the week, head there during these times to save some ticket money. Take your own snacks, and yes... it is allowed. You'll probably end up spending just under £10.
  • Have a picnic in the park - There's surely going to be one day in this country that sees some sunshine? Well on that day, make some sandwiches, grab some fruit, crisps and other snacks, and head to the park! Take a blanket and a speaker, you'll have a place to sit and tunes to listen to. The good vibes are free, the snacks will be around £5.
  • Masterchef – Take it to the kitchen. Pick a simple dish and get cooking! You could either cook the same thing and rate each others cooking skills or make a different one and share. Either way, it's a great way to save money, have amazing food, and learn something new. Hunting the cupboards for supplies is free, but if you need to pick up some bits from the shops you could do this for less than £5.

There's sure to be something that will take your fancy, so save some money and have fun!

Published: Thu 29th Jul 2021

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