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Blog How to be an ally and why it matters

How to be an ally and why it matters

By Luke Chapman | Family, Kids

How to be an ally and why it matters

Being an ally is just as important as being the protagonist

Empowerment isn't only through the actions we take ourselves, but through the actions we take to support the endeavours of others. It’s for this reason that our support for others, and other causes, can be just as important in taking our own actions to change.

What is an ally?

Being an ally can depend on our circumstances, who or what we’re supporting and what the ultimate goal is. Allyship can mean supporting a friend emotionally, supporting a group or organisation working towards an ultimate goal or working for a cause that we aren't directly involved in.


Knowing your facts is an important aspect in many parts of life, allyship too. Being educated and knowing the ins and outs of what you’re passionate about means you’re able to stand up for what you believe in with hard facts and challenge those who are fighting against the right thing. Knowing what you’re talking about pays dividends everywhere, but by doing this with a certain topics, it'll allow you to support what you believe in and change the world with opinion, facts and education.

Personal support

Oftentimes in our lives, someone we’re close to will need support. This could be emotionally, or just someone to give them a hand every now and then. We may not be the ones fighting a battle or standing for something but our friends may be, and this is where anyone can be an ally for a cause simply by supporting someone they care about. Does someone need some emotional support while they discover themselves? Be there for them. Does your friend need someone they can trust and rely on when they're down? Listen to them. Supporting those near and dear to us is an important part of allyship.


Being an ally could be as simple as donating your time to support a wider cause. Volunteering at local charity shops, spending time with vulnerable people or creating digital/physical objects to teach and share can all have huge impacts. YOUR time is important, just as important as anyone else's, so use it for the greater good.

Compassion and empathy 

These two characteristics will get you far in life, especially with being an ally and supporting those around you. Many people are born with privileges we arent aware of, and we don't need to personally identify with issues to do the right thing. Using the assets we have to support those in need is a gift that must be shared. Compassion and empathy allow us all to support those who need it, without being impacted ourselves. These two characteristics make an incredible ally.

Being active

As obvious as it may sound, no one will make a difference by doing nothing. No matter how small our actions may seem, they can change lives. Being active and using our skills, time and beliefs for the good of others is what will create an ally. Someone who supports and does something, a selfless hero.

So… What next?

Be the amazing ally that you are! Go out and change the world, support those around you, and those thousands of miles away who need help. Do the right thing, but most importantly do your best. You never know what you might achieve. 


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Published: Fri 28th Jan 2022

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