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Blog 5 Writing Tips To Help Overcome Anxiety

5 Writing Tips To Help Overcome Anxiety

By Luke Chapman | Top Tips, Writing Tips, Teachers, Parents, Kids, Family

5 Writing Tips To Help Overcome Anxiety

Life can be tough on us all, especially children. We’ve put together 5 writing tips to help children and young adults make sense of their emotions...

1. Keep a diary – Noting down thoughts, feelings and notes every day can help to materialise and process emotions and thoughts. You could do this on paper or a phone/tablet, but getting the emotions and worries written out really helps with dealing with our feelings.

2. Have goals – Write down 2 or 3 goals for the month, they can be simple or more challenging but give yourself something to achieve and track progress through diary entries. The process of completing these goals gives a sense of accomplishment and allows us to look back on what we've achieved.

3. Write a book review – Whether it’s a favourite book or a new one, write a review and share it with friends and family, or even online! Reading is a great way to escape reality and improves vocabulary and creativity too!

4. Write a colour poem – Giving our emotions characteristics can help to visualise them to tackle them. For example, anger might be red or sadness might be blue. Use the colours to explain the emotion and build an understanding of how you feel, e.g.

Fire burns up face, red with anger,
Clenched teeth, clenched fist,
I want to scream and run.... etc

5. Write a poem or story from another person’s point of view – Writing from another perspective helps us to understand others and build empathy. You could write about someone you know, a character in a TV show, or someone you admire. Use empathy to get a new perspective!

Published: Thu 11th Mar 2021

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