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Secondary School Competitions

Poetry Escape 2019
Closing Date: Friday 15th of February 2019

Poetry Escape invites your students to explore the poetry maze, forging ideas and discovering inspiration along the way. Each of the 8 pathways provides either a theme or a writing constraint, challenging students to break their imaginations free and embrace their creativity!

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Survival Sagas: Mission Contamination
Competition Closed - Request Your Free Resources For Next Term

The catastrophe wiped out civilisation as we know it and now the contamination is coming for what's left... Will the survivors manage to build up resistance or will too many become infected, eliminating everything in their wake?

Survival Sagas challenges your students to write a mini saga, a story in 100 words to tell us how the world has become contaminated and it's now on the brink of doom.

What type of contamination has created chaos and devastation? Why? How? Students can interpret the theme as they wish, as we love to encourage creativity and originality! Survival Sagas: Mission Contamination is sure to take your students to perilous places and help them create thrilling, death-defying fiction...

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